Marvel’s Civil War II Gets an Extra Eighth Issue

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So it looks like Marvel’s current big crossover event is getting an extra eighth issue!

Civil War II was originally slated to end on issue seven. But after recent delays, Marvel has now greenlit an exciting eighth issue to cap things off.

The events writer Brian Michael Bendis took to his Tumblr page to address the reason behind the delay of Civil War II #5, which was supposed to be out this month (August), as well as briefly tease where the event is heading:

“Well, if you peak over at David Marquez’s Facebook you’ll discover that he and his amazing wife tara just had a kick ass baby boy. a very cute baby too.  and not all babies are cute at the start 🙂 Not a delay hell, or a conspiracy, just a new baby in the middle of the hardest issue to draw.  the ending of four shows that five is a monster.”

And as far as how things are progressing, this is what Bendis had to say: “David has been handing in about a page a day for the last couple of weeks so we’re getting back on track.”

Finally, Bendis revealed that because of the delays, Civil War II will get an eighth issue. “Marvel greenlit an 8th issue for us. I came up with a better ending but needed the pages. Very grateful that they let us do our thing.”

Bendis also teased a page he’s working on to tide us over till issue #6 releases.

civil-war-ii-page-5f065 (1)

So there you have it. With this news, there’s certainly no need to worry,folks. In fact, Bendis gave us more of a reason to be excited. Now he can finally give the event the proper ending that he always wanted. Of course we’ll never know what the original ending was going to be, but that’s okay. The important thing is there isn’t a huge delay. The whole event is now set to end sometime in October before them much anticipated relaunch of Marvel Now.

Civil War II #6 hits shelves on September 14th.

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