COMIC FEATURE: Mysterious MU Teaser Predictions

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Greetings true believers. If you’re a long time Marvel comics fan then you should be no stranger to them posting cryptic teasers for upcoming titles and or events. Well put on your tin foil hats and strap in folks because the teaser image we have shown above is a dozy. This is just about as plain and cryptic as you can possibly get. All we have is a black background, the letters M and U enlarged, the names of a creative team, and an estimated release date of the news break. I’m going to give you guys three theories on what this teaser could mean based on what little we know and you guys can tell me if you agree or not.


Theory 1: MU Marvel Universe Anthology Book

Okay so this is my first theory. MU stands for Marvel Universe and the teaser means we’ll be getting a new series exploring the vast marvel multiverse with one shots or 2 to 4 parters. Old school marvel fans will definitely recognize this format from a beloved classic marvel series called What If? Marvel What If gave rise to many fan favorite characters including one of my all time favorites Mayday Parker the Amazing Spider-Girl. This could be a fantastic opportunity for Marvel. It will hopefully give Cullen Bun more creative freedom since he doesn’t need to be tied down by events or prior continuity. This also gives more freedom to the artists as well. One clue that this series is possibly being an anthology title is the fact that multiple artists have been announced with the exact same teaser but the same writer. These artists include the likes of Steve McNiven, Adam Kuburt, and Greg Land, so there’s no shortage on talent here on either end.


Theory 2: MU Mutant Underground

As I started thinking of  possibilities the first thing I did was try to look for any connections between the creators that have been announced for this so far. The biggest connection I found was that everyone involved has worked on a big X-Men related title at some point within the past few years. We know that there will be a huge shake up in the mutant community soon thanks to the upcoming IVX event. Well what as a result of the aftermath certain groups of mutants are forced to work underground in the shadows. Bun is know stranger to this kind of storytelling, and in my opinion this is the kind of story that he does best. Personally I’m just holding out hope for a great mutant related series again.


Theory 3: Possible Richards Family Ongoing Series

Marvel’s last big summer event, Secret Wars, left their fans divided to say the least. I myself thought it was okay and left the door open for some very interesting future possibilities. One thing that Secret Wars left hanging that I constantly wonder about is the Richards family. Spoiler alert if you haven’t read Secret Wars yet. At the very end Reed Richards along with his wife Sue, their son Franklin, their daughter Valeria, and the Molecule Man recreate the Marvel universe as well as the Marvel multiverse. What if MU has to do with the Richards and his family going on various adventures while exploring the multiverse and dealing with threats? As a big Fantastic Four fan I enjoy what Ben and Johnny are currently doing, but I’ll always have a soft spot for Reed, Sue, and the kids. I think this could be a great way of making them relevant again while at the same time open the door for new characters and stories, much like the first family did when they were first created.

What do you guys think? Do you agree with my theories? What do you think this teaser could mean? Let me know.

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