REVIEW: Daredevil #10 “Dark Art Part 1”

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Daredevil #10

Written By: Charles Soule
Artist(s):  Ron Garney
Color Artist: Matt Milla
Cover: Ron Garney & Matt Milla
Release Date: 8/10/16
Price: $3.99

Matt is dealing with the tough decisions in trying to find a balance as Daredevil, being an A.D.A., as well as mentoring Blindspot. Now a new threat has come up and Matt will have to make some tough decisions on how to use his time.

Issue #10 kicks off a new story for Daredevil called “Dark Art.” There is a new mysterious threat in town that Matt begins to explore with Blindspot, whose arm is now healed.

The story in this tenth issue of Daredevil was definitely a transition and set up plot. Matt is coming off of his little China story with Spider-Man which was a fun arc to read, but it would be nice if Daredevil could begin to push us in the direction of a more long-term story arc or at least one that begins to have all of these other parts come together for a big plot.

Daredevil #10

It’s nice having Blindspot now working for Matt because it allows for readers to know the character out of uniform a little better and it’s interesting to see how he and Matt will interact with one another because one knows both of their secret identities and the other does not. It will be interesting to see if Blindspot becomes the first one to figure out Matt’s identity or if Matt eventually reveals himself to his protege. Either way, their student and teacher dynamic is a lot of fun to read because it adds a unique element to Matt’s story. It’s also pretty amusing each time Blindspot thinks he’s doing something unnoticed in front of a blind man.

The new threat Daredevil and Blindspot are facing is a complete mystery right now, so there isn’t too much to discuss just yet. The most compelling part about this new threat is that it is directed at Blindspot, and not Daredevil. Blindspot is a neat character to have involved, so it’s a good move to have people targeting him now and getting to see how Matt will deal with this. A lot of good stuff seems like it is on the way, and the Daredevil story has been solid so far, but hopefully it will take readers to the next level now.


Daredevil #10
The art in this book is absolutely gorgeous and has been throughout the whole run so far. Daredevil is a unique character due to his blindness, but the Hell’s Kitchen setting is also a great mixture and allows for some really cool art to emerge. This new run has such a gritty feel to it which is the perfect style for Daredevil to have. The dark tones and scenes really add to his character and both Ron Garney and Matt Milla have nailed how this book should look.

Daredevil #10

On top of this, the new mystery villain is doing some “dark art” and in this book a painting is created in blood and just looks phenomenal. There is so much detail but it keeps the book’s normal tone and has this gritty beauty to it. Going forward it seems like the artists involved will get to have a lot of fun with this new threat and put together some amazing scenes with all types of red.


This issue of Daredevil was pretty standard. Overall a set up and filler for the story. Soule does well with the writing and has put Matt in a tough spot of balancing Matt Murdock’s work with Daredevil’s. This new story arc is definitely intriguing because there is a lot of mystery so far and it’s directed more towards Blindspot. The art is pretty much flawless and a great representation of good art for a Daredevil book. Hopefully things will start building more or past small story elements will come back into play!

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