REVIEW: Moon Knight #5 – “Welcome To New Egypt: Part 5 of 5”

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REVIEW: Moon Knight #5 - "Welcome To New Egypt: Part 5 of 5"

Written by: Jeff Lemire

Artists: Greg Smallwood, Wilfredo Torres, Francesco Francavilla, and James Stokoe

Color Artists: Jordie Bellaire, MIchael Garland, Francesco Francavilla, and James Stokoe

Lettered By: VC’s Cory Petit

Cover: Greg Smallwood

Price: $3.99

This issue of Moon Knight really took my interest to a new level. I have enjoyed the story so far but things continue to escalate and get crazier. I’m really having fun with the multiple realities and which one is real.


Moon Knight #5 finishes off the first arc in this new series and provides an ending to Marc’s breakout from the mental hospital. He has finally reached the great pyramid where he hopes to stop Seth’s plan to create “New Egypt” but his struggle to hold onto a single reality gets in the way.


To this point Moon Knight has been a pretty fun read with Marc & friends escape from the mental hospital. Each issue finds the character battling with his mind to determine what is real and what is not. Everything with the breakout has been fun to read along with because it feels like a heist story but adds in the crazy reality shifts to throw a wrench into everything.
REVIEW: Moon Knight #5 - "Welcome To New Egypt: Part 5 of 5"

This issue picks up with Marc facing another Moon Knight in the classic costume and has him questioning everything and himself more than ever. What has really pulled me into this story is the fact that Marc has to deal with his mental issues in the moment and make split second decisions on who to trust, where to go, and most importantly, what is real.  REVIEW: Moon Knight #5 - "Welcome To New Egypt: Part 5 of 5"

The story really gives off an Inception like vibe because it periodically jumps into the different personas of Marc. The story was designed really well because it sets up very smoothly and flows in and out of each reality Marc is tested by. There are actually doors in each reality leading to the next that feel like a movie scene with how they are executed on the page.

REVIEW: Moon Knight #5 - "Welcome To New Egypt: Part 5 of 5"

Eventually Marc comes face to face with the other Moon Knight and it is revealed to be Khonshu himself. While I didn’t find this twist to be anything mind blowing, I still enjoyed it because it places Marc in another interesting position of deciding who to trust. Why did Khonshu lead Marc through this ridiculous journey only to be the one in power to ask Marc for his body? It wouldn’t surprise me to discover that the mental hospital and everyone there were trying to keep Marc away from the truth so Khonshu couldn’t gain more power and a fresh vessel.

Marc defies Khonshu and decides to throw himself off the pyramid to end it all. In a way he is finally taking his life into his own hands and making a big decision on his own, uninfluenced by anyone else; yet, he wakes up in bed as Steven Grant with Marlene next to him. The idea that Marc is slipping in and out of these different realities is a really fun concept that I’m excited to explore more because there is the chance that he is being continuously manipulated by Khonshu or another force.


The art in this book was really fantastic and probably my favorite part overall. We are watching Marc struggle to come to grips with which of the realities are real, but as we move through the little scenes of each one the art style changes. I loved that Moon Knight #5 had four artists work on the book because it adds a uniqueness and dedication to giving readers something special.

REVIEW: Moon Knight #5 - "Welcome To New Egypt: Part 5 of 5"

The transitions were really cool as well because readers get to see the same panels done by different artists or from a different angle in a new art style. The choice to have multiple artists really adds a layer to this story and brings Marc’s mental struggles to life while it feels like the reader is experiencing how different each reality is.

REVIEW: Moon Knight #5 - "Welcome To New Egypt: Part 5 of 5"


I really enjoyed the conclusion to this first story arc and think that it sets up Moon Knight for a really fun story going forward. I love that the character is so complex and struggles with mental issues while still being an awesome hero. I’m curious to see whether or not Marc will temporarily stay in this reality as Steven for a bit or if the issues will continue to have him falling in and out of different realities while trying to determine which one is real.

If you like the fun and craziness within the story and artwork while also being a fan of the character, then this is definitely a book worth reading!

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