Review: The Mighty Thor #10

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Written By: Jason Aaron

Artwork By: Russell Dauterman

Colors By: Matthew Wilson

Letters By: VC’s Joe Sabino

Cover By: Russell Dauterman & Matthew Wilson

Plot: In THE MIGHTY THOR #10, Thor and Roz continue their quest to take down Roxon, while the SHIELD continues their investigation on Jane Foster/Thor.Dario Agger is still in the custody of Silver Samurai and Exterminatrix, but Thor and Roz try to do something about that. Exterminatrix, who is the daughter of King Midas, shoots Thor with a bullet that has her father’s blood in it. She catches the bullet, and starts to keel over in sickness. Who is there to save the day though? Jane Foster?

The Mighty Thor #10

Story: The lack of characterization for Jane Foster’s Thor is starting to become a problem with THE MIGHTY THOR. While we understand and sympathize with Jane Foster’s side of the transformation, this version of Thor feels like a shell of a character. We’re rooting for her only because her name is on the cover. Roz is given more characterization and motivation than Thor. While I applauded Jason Aaron for not keeping the cat in the bag long for who the new Thor was, the lack of development on where the original Thor is has become a burden on the series. Little to no update on the whereabouts of the Odinson is starting to be a double edged sword. We haven’t seen him since THE MIGHTY THOR #1, and that was one splash page. The final page adds just another mystery to the series that seems to be confused on what to do next with it’s ever growing pile of questions. Without a doubt it’ll be explained away in the opening pages of #11

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The rest of THE MIGHTY THOR #10 is a decent enough time. Roxon Hulks vs Mindless Ones is the type of scenario that invokes a child smashing action figures together to see who would win a potential battle. It’s a fairly quick read, with Aaron letting Russell Dauterman stretch his penciling muscles instead of filling the page with speech bubbles. All of this slightly makes up for the lack in overall development in the narrative as Roxon continues to rise to the top of “Skeevy Corporations in the Marvel Universe.”

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 11.58.25 AM

Art: Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson create one dynamic looking comic book. Every face is brimming with personality, down to the iris in character’s eyes. Seeing the determination in Roz as she tries to find Thor is remarkable. It’s easy to get lost in the amount of detail Dauterman fills each panel. Thor brims with power as she leaves Mjolnir behind to help Roz. Wilson’s colors pop of the page, feeling mystical in every sense of the word. Seeing Thor’s powers crash through the scene makes Thor feel unbeatable. The slight tint of gold in Thor’s hand was a great touch, and took me a second read through to fully apreciate.

Verdict: The lack of development in the ongoing narrative is starting to hinder THE MIGHTY THOR, and nowhere is that more apparent than #10. While the artwork is beautiful, it doesn’t completely make up for the so-so story.

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