Review: The Ultimates #10 -“America Chavez has had Enough”

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Ultimates (2015-) 010-000

The Ultimates #10

Written By: Al Ewing

Art By: Kenneth Rocafort & Djibril Morisstte

Colored By: Dan Brown

Lettered By: VC’s Joe Sabino

Release Date: 8/17/16

Price Tag: $3.99

Plot: The fate of the Ultimates hinges on the contents of a briefcase!


The Ultimates #10 is a Civil War II tie-in issue that addresses the recent events that caused Carol’s crew and Tony’s crew to finally come face to face. Even if you haven’t been following along the main story in Civil War II, The Ultimates #10 has you covered.

Much of the issue retells the events surrounding the “mysterious” briefcase that Ulysses the Inhuman precog predicted would cause the end of space and time as we know it. Okay, that’s a little over-exaggeration on my part. Actually, he was pretty vague about the specific contents of the briefcase. He only told them that whatever lies inside, it’s important our heroes get their hands on before something disastrous happens.

Naturally, members of team Ultimates have their doubts about Ulysses’ powers. More specifically, Blue Marvel. While taking Alison Green (the alleged owner of the briefcase) into custody, Blue Marvel shared his reservations with how the situation was being handled. There’s a conversation between Spectrum (Monica Rambeau) and Blue Marvel about justice that pretty much sums up the main plot of the Civil War II event as a whole: whether or not justice should be circumvented for the sake of changing the future.


Blue Marvel isn’t the only one with concerns. As the title alludes to, Ms. America aka America Chavez is also growing increasingly concerned with team leader Carol’s behavior. Okay, concerned might not be the word I’m looking for. America is pissed off. America is so angry she decides to lash out at everybody. The highlight of this issue is the epic showdown that occurs between America and her fellow teammates. Ewig did a great job at building the tension before the action-packed moment America told others exactly how she felt (using her fists).



Artists Kenneth Rocafort and Djbril Morisette have been teaming up for the past few issues. However, in The Ultimates #10, we see more of their stronger qualities shine though every panel. For instance, Morissette has a good grasp of depicting the more human elements of the storyline. Rocafort on the other hand continues to put out his best work when depicting fight scenes.

I’ve always been a fan of Rocafort’s art. The combination of his incredible details and Dan Brown’s bright vibrant colors are my favorite things to see every issue.

the ultimates 10 1


The Ultimates #10 is perhaps the most character-driven issues of The Ultimates so far. As a stand-alone there’s enough to move the story along. It’s also a good tie-in that manages to add more depth to the ongoing crisis in Civil War II.

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