REVIEW: X-Men ’92 #5 – The Adventures Of Cyclops And Phoenix

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X-Men ‘92 #5

Written By: Chad Bowers & Chris Sims

Art By: Corey Hamscher

Colors By: Mat Milla

Letters By: Travis Lanham

Release Date: 07/27/16

Rating: Rated T+

Price: $3.99


The X-Men dominated the airwaves in an animated series as a part of FOX Kids in the 90’s. The animated series featured characters from the 1990’s team as drawn by Jim Lee that included mainstays like Professor X, Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Beast along with fan favorites Storm, Wolverine, Rogue, and Gambit and introduced some younger members like Jubilee. The show adapted some of the biggest arcs in throughout the comic’s history including the Phoenix Saga, and the Dark Phoenix Saga. Every aspect of the series has become treasured by fans from the line up to the theme song.


During Secret Wars Marvel launched an eight-part Infinite Comic to be released in 4 physical issues, that continued the animated adventures of the 1992 animated series ut now on Battleworld. The mini focused on Cassandra Nova which concluded with Cyclops quiting the team and going away with Jean. With the title being a success it was relaunched in a second volume for the All-New, All Different Marvel. Continuing where the Secret Wars Series left off The Xavier Institute reopens as Jubilee is turned into a Vampire until the three words No More Vampires are spoken.


Plot: In Anchorage Alaska Scott Summers and his wife Jean Grey enjoy the peace and quiet until they wake up in their X-Men Uniforms and find themselves swept 2,000 years (3992) into their future by Rachel Summers, the Phoenix. Jean and Scott must help Mother Askani to ensure that Apocalypse will face his destruction.


Story: I loved X-Men: The Animated Series. I watched every episode, and I loved it the most when they brought stories I loved to life. The Secret Wars series was ok, and the first arc here wasn’t great for me because it dealt with Jubilee as a vampire, something the comics have made me really dislike, but I am glad to say that this issue returns to the adapting a story in the comics, in this case The Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix. If you haven’t read that, please do.


This story is one I always enjoyed The Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix, “Slim” and “Red” are sent to the future and and raise their son Cable. I thought this issue did a great job at taking that 4-issue mini series and condensing it into a single issue and hitting all the beats of the original.


This is my Cyclops and Jean, before the comics (namely Morrison’s run) ruined them. Scott is that stand up good guy, the “Boy Scout”, and I love it. I also miss Jean, even in that horrible costume. So right away this issue has all the makings of a great book for me. But I don’t just enjoy a book because it has my favorite characters in their glory days, the first volume of the book is proof of that. With that said I did enjoy the hell out of this.


The story is very well done as I said it perfectly condenses and adapts the original 4-issue mini series into a single soling one and go issue. You’d think they would end this issue with Slim and Red coming back to the present day, or 1992, but they don’t — they end up going back a little less than a 1,000 years and meet the X-Men 2099!  


Art: The art here really sells you on two things. First it invokes the animated series with the style and the tones. At the same time they also capture the original mini series in designs and scenes. So the art is a double slam dunks for me.  


Like I said earlier, man was it so great to see Scott and Jean in their classic Jim Lee costumes again. The art here really captures the heart and soul of the animated series and this whole time of the X-Men. I also really loved that they did the Hound marks for Rachel it is a big part of her history that often gets forgotten, but the art here uses the marks almost battle scars for the frail dying Mother Askani.


Verdict: Overall I loved this issue, and this is by far the best issue so far and that includes both volumes. I highly recommend grabbing this issue, especially if you are a fan of the animated series and this era of the comics.


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