Spider-Gwen Gets Animated In ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’

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According to IGN, Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man will end its current season with the introduction of Spider-Gwen and other new heroes in an exciting story event. The super-powered Gwen Stacy of Earth-65 rose to popularity quickly after her creation in 2014, and now she’s making the jump from her own comic series to an animated one.

The fourth season of the Disney XD series, titled Ultimate Spider-Man vs the Sinister 6, is set to conclude with a four part story line called “Return to the Spider-Verse.” In it, Peter Parker and Miles Morales will be confronted with many alternate universes and the Spider-people inhabiting them. Spider-Gwen will be voiced by none other than Dove Cameron (Liv and MaddieDescendants) and is slated to swing by in the fourth and final installment.

Spider Gwen’s debut airs on September 17th, and hopefully that will mark the beginning of her crossing over into the mainstream Marvel world on multiple platforms. In the meantime, though, there are plenty of other exciting guests Ultimate Spider-Man has cooked up. Veteran voice actor Benjamin Diskin will return to the show once more to voice Blood Spider. Christopher Daniel Barnes, who voiced Spider-Man himself in the classic 90s series, will join him in the role of Wolf Spider. They will both appear in the first installment of “Return to the Spider-Verse,” airing on Saturday August 27th.

Blood Spider (Ben Diskin) and Spider-Man (Drake Bell) in "Return to the Spiderverse." Stills from IGN.
Blood Spider (Benjamin Diskin) and Spider-Man (Drake Bell) in “Return to the Spiderverse.” Stills courtesy IGN.

San Diego Comic-Con first announced the guest stars for the second episode: Will Friedle as Web Beard, Troy Baker as Webslinger, Trevor Devall as Rocket Raccoon, and the great Seth Green reprising his Guardians of the Galaxy cameo as Howard the Duck. Milo Ventimiglia will also return to the spider nest as Spider-Man Noir in the third installment.

Here’s a preview of one of Return to the Spider-Verse: Part One from Marvel’s Facebook page:

Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man vs. the Sinister Six: “Return to the Spider-Verse: Part One” airs Saturday, August 27th at 8:00pm ET on Disney XD, with the next three airing on consecutive Saturdays. Don’t miss Spider-Gwen’s first appearance on September 17th!

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