Captain America: Civil War Blu-Ray – Blooper Reels

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Captain America: Civil War will finally be made available to own on Blu-Ray on Tuesday, September 13. Leading up to the release of the film, Marvel has been releasing clips from the extra content that is included with the Blu-Ray.

Two of the clips that have been released include two short, but hilarious blooper reels. While Civil War was one of the more dramatic films in the MCU thus far, these short clips are a reminder to fans that the Avengers may not always be as coordinated as they seem in the film.

The release of Civil War on home media comes at a perfect time. The fourth season of Agents of SHIELD will premiere a week after the blu-ray release and less than two months before Doctor Strange arrives in theaters. Marvel fans you have a lot to look forward to this Fall! It’s a very good time to be a geek with all these storylines becoming mainstream pop culture.

Watch the two blooper reels below and stay connected with The Marvel Report on social media to stay updated on any new content that is released from Marvel and Disney.

Captain America: Civil War is available to own now on Digital HD and will be available to own on Blu-Ray on Tuesday, September 13.

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