Marvel Legends Captain America Shield Review

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Captain America Shield Hasbro Review

Gavin Richter (and a special guest) are here to unbox and review the new full sized Captain America shield from Hasbro.  As we discussed in our previous review of the 12″ Captain America Marvel Legends figure, Hasbro is really stepping up their game when it comes to Marvel collectibles.  This new Captain America shield is further evidence of that.  Here is Gavin’s unboxing video, followed by Shawn’s more detailed review of the product.

The shield is full sized (1/1 scale) and measures 24″ in diameter.  It’s constructed from heavy plastic and I would estimate that it weighs 3-4 pounds (heavier and meatier in hand than I was expecting).  The paint job is very nice, especially the red which is a very deep red.  The blue is beautiful as well, and together they make the silver star and stripe really pop off of the shield and in photos.

Captain America Shield Hasbro Review

While the front of the shield is obviously the main attraction and what you’ll see the most, the back of the shield is just as nice.  The faux leather straps are very nice and make the shield easy to handle for young and old (they are adjustable).  For some reason the shield itself is made up of three pieces – the main body of the shield, then the silver stripe and the star are both separate pieces and with some work, can be removed.  Not that most people would want to do that, but since I was planning on customizing my shield, I disassembled mine.

Captain America Shield Hasbro Review

In any case, the fact that the body of the shield is in three pieces is the reason for all of the round “rivets” on the back of the shield.  Those are metal “screws” that attach the star and the silver stripe to the rest of the shield.  Some people may not like the rivets because they’re not on the real shield.  But again the front is quite accurate, and seen a lot more than the back.

Currently we have only seen it at select Toys R Us stores and luckily the release of this piece coincided with a 20% off costume items at Toys R Us.  Retailing at $99, we were able to snag ours for just $79!  I think it’s definitely worth $99 but at $79, I’m thinking maybe I should have bought two!

This shield will be enjoyed by kids and adults alike (the recommended age is 15+ but as we all know from the Lego Movie, that is just a suggestion).  Whether it be playing with it in the back yard, hanging on the wall in your office or wearing with a cosplay.  I am a huge Captain America cosplayer and although I already have a beautiful metal shield, I just had to get one of these to play with.  It is constructed out of a hard plastic, so do keep in mind that any hard playing, or a couple of drops onto a hard surface and visible scratches are likely to occur.  Personally I think it would be fun to battle damage it, that way minor surface scratches won’t be as visible.

In case you were wondering, I’m using mine as part of a upcoming steampunk Captain America costume I am working on.  The shield isn’t finished yet, but this is what it looks like right now:

Captain America Shield Hasbro Review

What do you think?  Will you be picking up your very own Captain America shield?  Or are you Team Iron Man?  If that’s the case, don’t fret!  An Iron Man helmet (also $99) is coming very soon!  Should we review that one too?

Hasbro Legends Iron Man Helmet

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  1. how did you get the screws off in the center..i want to repaint the blue section lighter…