Doctor Strange Collectible Guide

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So with Doctor Strange right around the corner tons and tons of collectible merchandise will find it’s way onto store shelves. This here will be your handy dandy guide to all of the collectibles from the movie.

So let’s start off with something that is easily flooding the collectible market and taking the world by storm with Funko.


After the slight taste of chaos that we got with the movie footage we got at Comic-Con, and also the line upon line waiting for the exclusive POP! figure, excitement for Doctor Strange couldn’t be any higher. As such Funko announced two sets coming out to correlate to the upcoming film. One POP! and one Dorbz set.

So in terms of the POP! figures there will be six available for retail, four of which you can get in a single set from the Disney Store. These will include; Doctor Stephen Strange himself, Karl Mordo, Ancient One, and Kaecilius along with a Target exclusive Astral Projection version of Doctor Stephen Strange, and a capeless one exclusive to Walmart.

Doctor Strange Funko POP
From Top Left: Doctor Strange, Ancient One, Kaecilius, Karl Mordo, Astral Projection Strange, Capeless Strange
Disney Store 4 Pack: Strange, Karl Mordo, Ancient One, and Kaecilius
Disney Store 4 Pack: Strange, Karl Mordo, Ancient One, and Kaecilius


Later Funko then announced a set of five figures from their Dorbz line to tie in with the movie. These will include the three of the four characters from above as well as one of Zealot and another Doctor Stephen Strange in his Astral Projection form.

From Top Left: Doctor Strange, Astral Projection Strange, Kaecilius, Karl Mordo, and Zealot.

And finally if you want to spice up your keychain then be sure to be on the lookout for the Doctor Stephen Strange Pocket POP! keychain.

Doctor Strange POP! Keychain
Doctor Strange POP! Keychain

All images and information from Comic Book Resources.



Marvel Toy News announced a Target exclusive LEGO set based on the movie as well. It comes as a suprise since the movie is still a couple months away. The set includes Doctor Strange, Karl Mordo, and the Ancient One with no sign of any villain figures. So in their place we get a tentacle demon. This set is on sale as I am writing this but good luck finding it because it is selling quickly both online and in stores.

Front of Box
Mini Figures included: Doctor Strange, Karl Mordo, The Ancient One
Back of the Box
Karl Mordo fighting off a tentacle demon while The Ancient One flies away.


Hot Toys:

Marvel Toy News revealed that at Ani-Con & Gaming Convention Hong Kong 2016 that Hot Toys was bringing us one piece of Doctor Strange goodness that was missing from San Diego Comic-Con and that is the sixth scale figure based on the movie. This figure looks amazing.

Full Figure


Standing at 12 inches the level of detail is amazing. This figure also has a few accesories shown with possibly more to come before release. They include the Eye of Agamotto necklace, a couple of rune effect pieces, a display base that has a bit of an astral plane feel to it, and a fully detailed Book of the Vishanti complete with individually illustrated pages that you can go through. The level of detail put into this is astounding.

Book of The Vishanti
Eye of Agamotto and Spell Rune


UPDATE 9/8/2016:

I guess I got a little behind on this but here we are! More goodies and this time Marvel Legends has an entire figure line ready for order right now.

The line includes 3 figures based on the movie, and other figures to fill the line each with a few accessories as well as body parts for the build-a-villain figure Dormammu.

From Top Left to Bottom Right: Doctor Strange (Movie), Karl Mordo (Movie), Doctor Voodoo, Enchantress, Doctor Strange (Comics), Iron Fist, Nico Minoru, and Astral Form Doctor Strange (Movie)
From Top Left to Bottom Right: Doctor Strange (Movie), Karl Mordo (Movie), Doctor Voodoo, Enchantress, Doctor Strange (Comics), Iron Fist, Nico Minoru, and Astral Form Doctor Strange (Movie)

Be sure to check back in for more updates on any and all merchandise regarding the Sorcerer Supreme leading up to the premiere in November.





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