Doctor Strange News Round-Up: Premiere Dates, Featurettes And More!

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With the dust beginning to settle from this summer’s blockbuster Civil War, it would appear that it’s time to stir things up again, and there’s been a plethora of Doctor Strange news and features for people to get excited about.  To start we have our first scheduled premiere dates.

With Doctor Strange scheduled for November 4th, the premiere schedule gives plenty of opportunity for Marvel to build up to it’s theatrical release and release TV spots to tantalize the audience.  With multiple opportunities for media across the globe to get a look at both actors and the film it’s a smart move to space it out over several weeks.

Doctor Strange also added a brand new featurette that talks about the possibility Stephen Strange possesses.  While fans know Doctor Strange as the sorcerer supreme, it would appear he’s burdened with destiny the same way that Loki was burdened with glorious purpose.




The possibility and potential of Doctor Strange continues with a Q&A with Scott Derrickson at Paris Comic Con.  Scott Derrickson has been quoted as calling Doctor Strange mind-bending so this will be an opportunity for information for

The coolest piece of news to come out of the Doctor Strange universe lately however has been the Doctor Strange: The Magic of STEM challenge. 

Much like the Captain America: Civil War challenge “Reforming the future” and the ant-man micro-tech challenge, this challenge will focus on inspiring young women to enter the STEM fields.  The “Ultimate Mentor Adventure” will help inspire young girls to “discover the magic of science and technology”.  Check out the rules below:

This program, supported by Broadcom MASTERS and Society for Science and the Public, seeks to inspire young girls to work with a mentor to explore the wonders of science and technology and, in turn, to teach and inspire others. One exceptional young woman will be selected to be mentored by members of the Walt Disney Company’s Digital Team and will learn how to create her own science vlog, an episode of which will be shown on a Walt Disney Company media platform. The challenge invites girls nationwide, ages 15 – 18, in grades 10 -12, to think of their favorite, or most vexing, scientific or technological question and then to find a mentor who will help them explore the secrets and mysteries behind their question. Each applicant will be asked to submit a short, science vlog-style video, which shares with others what she learned from her mentor.

Five finalists will attend the Doctor Strange premiere in Southern California complete with a tour of the Disney Burbank studios.  One grand prize winner will be selected who will be mentored by the Walt Disney Studios Digital Team. They’ll learn how to produce their own science vlog episode, from story board to development and presentation.  The winner’s vlog will be shown on a Walt Disney company multimedia platform.

You can read more about the contest Here and check out more information about Doctor Strange including updated news and photos on Marvel’s Doctor Strange twitter Here.

Doctor Strange arrives in theaters November 4th.

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