Gentle Giant: Deadpool Caesar Bust

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Gentle Giant announced back in August of 2016 that they started preorders for this magnificent Deadpool as Julius Caesar bust and I am quite impressed by it. So this little thing slipped under my radar for a while but now here it is! It’s by far my favorite piece of Deadpool merchandise due to just how odd it is. If you take a look you will see the classic Deadpool head and mask adorned with a laurel wreath while wearing traditional Roman Commander garbs underneath with a nice Deadpool pin attatched. Then on his back are his two signature katanas.

Honestly I can’t keep a straight face while writing this because this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen but that makes me want it even more. It’s so silly it works. But this is definitely one of the more rarer collectible items as superhero busts have been sort of out of style for the better part of a decade. Does this mean that they are making a comeback? Not necessarily but regardless it is definitely one of the more interesting pieces of Deadpool merchandise out there on the market.

Check out the gallery down below for all angles of the bust.


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The bust is up for preorder with the first run due out later this year, but If you preorder now however you will need to wait around for April 2017. This is definitely a must for any hardcore Deadpool collectors out there and it would make an awesome display piece in any geek den.

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All images and information are from Marvel Toy News and Entertainment Earth.

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