Hell’s Kitchen Arrives in Avengers Academy

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Avengers Academy

So as soon as I got the notification I updated Avengers Academy and got super excited. Yes I realize the update just went live fairly recently and yes I did just pay a little under 10$ for Jessica Jones, but that is not the point. The point is that we have another month long event with a ton of heroes and content. And boy am I excited.

First off a new section of Avengers Academy has opened up, or rather another school has magically appeared next door (as with every event). This time though the main baddy is Kingpin and he’s looking to bring Nuck Fury to justice for his “crimes” and has also took over “Hell’s Kitchen School for Troubled Youth” in Hell’s Kitchen to “fix” Fury’s mistakes. Also he is holding all of the heroes (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Elektra, and Hellcat) hostage that wouldn’t follow him but he couldn’t do it without some help from The Punisher oh and The Hand too. One more thing Kingpin hired Loki to be his lawyer. Yeah that’s a thing.

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Overview of Hell’s Kitchen

As of right now, since we are so early into this event, only two of the heroes are available. Matt Murdock/Daredevil can be earned by collecting in game items or buy using Infinity Shards or a combination of the two. The other character falls prey to the mobile gaming pay wall issue that I really don’t like but keep feeding into and that’s Jessica Jones who is available solely by 415 Infinity Shards.

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Available Students to recruit during the event.
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Requirements to unlock Matt Murdock/Daredevil

As always there are some character costumes as well. But so far only one has been released with the other looking to be released later. Lawyer Loki is the only one available at the moment with more along the way as the event progresses.

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Requirements for Lawyer Loki

I will continue to update as the event continues on since it will be available for the next 27+ days.

For more information about what’s in this update either stick around here or go check out the Marvel.com interview with TinyCo’s Senior Narrative Editor Allen Warner.

UPDATE 9/3/2016:

Episode 2 of the event is starting or has started, unsure since at this time I have yet to unlock Daredevil but Elektra is now recruitable. She can be recruited from the random grab bag Mystical Ninja Crate as well as many random decorations and in game items. Each crate is 75 Infinity Shards or roughly $1.50 USD per crate.

Elektra Crate

Also once Daredevil has been recruited you will have the chance to recruit Hellcat (More information as I get it.) But that is all for now and I will update once more as I get further into this event.


UPDATE 9/8/2016:

So after finally unlocking Daredevil I have now officially moved into Episode 2 of the event including the chance to unlock Patsy Walker/Hellcat and Kung Fu Falcon.

First up is Kung Fu Falcon as it is his event costume. To unlock you will need 4 Kung Fu Movies (provided by the lava lamp item), 2 Boss Ninja Masks (by beating Boss Ninjas), 32 Red Bandanas (from the mission board), and 3,268 Ninja Stars. He will be necessary for unlocking Hellcat because after Boss Ninja Level 2 he is required.

Then we have Hellcat and the way to unlock her is with 3 Boss Ninja Masks, 8 Cat Masks (from the Hellcatmobile decoration), 65 romance comics (from the mission board), and 6596 Ninja Stars.  Or if you want to skip all of that nonsense you can purchase both Falcon’s outfit and Hellcat for a nice handful of Infinity Gem Shards. Oh also one more thing the Peggy Carter mini event is on day 6 today so hopefully you’ve been keeping up since tomorrow is the last day. More info on that over here!

Let us know where you’re at with the event! Either comment below or hit us up on Twitter or our Facebook Page.

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