Interview: Felipe Smith Talks Robbie Reyes and Comic Book Diversity.

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Let’s get this out of the way, we’re big Ghost Rider fans here at The Marvel Report.  From Johnny Blaze to the character’s latest amazing incarnation Robbie Reyes, we’re more then ready to ride with Agents of SHIELD this Tuesday.   With that in mind, we attended Long Beach Comic Con with a couple of goals.  Have a good time, enjoy a great comic show, and see if we could score an Interview with Felipe Smith, creator of Robbie Reyes, writer-artist of incredible renown, and genuinely awesome guy.  We got lucky on all counts.


Fans might recall Robbie Reyes as the East-LA mechanic whose tragic tale of just trying to make a living goes south and imbues him with supernatural powers.  While we’re not sure what sort of shape the series will take as far as Robbie’s origin story (although the comic book accurate costume has us all excited) we know how Agents of SHIELD treats source material with respect and dignity.

Talking about the comics was an incredible rare privilege.  The art is incredible, the design is amazing, and the dedication to character and history is just plain awesome.  Mr. Smith’s commitment to creating a superhero who lives on the West Coast is one of the many things I love about Robbie, a list that’s topped by his commitment to his little brother and how at it’s heart Mr. Smith captured the essence of both Ghost Rider and Agents of SHIELD, that it’s a story about family.

Check out our interview below, and on our youtube page, where we talk family, diversity, Robbie’s history, and get you absolutely pumped for the new comic book ongoing, the old series (all available on comixology) and for Agents of SHIELD premiering at 10/9 central tonight on ABC.  Check your local listings for showtimes and Let’s Ride.

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