Kate Bishop Takes Aim on Danger in New Hawkeye Series

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Marvel is gearing up to launch a brand new Kate Bishop solo series written by Kelly Thompson, with art by Leonardo Romero and Jordie Bellaire.

So it looks like everyone’s favorite archer will need a clean break after the events of Civil War II. Where will she go? What will she be doing? To answer these questions and more, Thompson recently sat down with io9 and revealed a few details about Kate Bishops new journey. In addition to being back in LA, Kate Bishop will take on “a personal mission that’s a bit of a mystery.”

Hawkeye finds Kate back in L.A. – Venice Beach, specifically, trying to make a go of things as a P.I. slash superhero. She’s there on a personal mission that’s a bit of a mystery, but as always with superheroes she gets caught up in doing some good, and as always with P.I.s there’s a dame with nice stems involved!


This will be the young archers first solo run since breaking off from the Young Avengers and Clint Barton. Unlike those titles, readers can expect a tonally different series. Kate Bishop will be balancing a life as a P.I. and superhero. Thompson described the tone as “Veronica Mars with superheroes.”

Kate Bishop is set to make her solo debut in Hawkeye #1 this December.


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