Kotobukiya Civil War Figure Review

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Kotobukiya Civil War Figures

Kotobukiya is one of the leaders in high end collectibles for Marvel fans.  You always know that you’re getting a quality product when you’re talking Kotobukiya, and the new Civil War figures are no exception.  Gavin and Shawn Richter are here to bring you an advanced sneak peek at the new Captain America and Iron Man figures from Kotobukiya’s Art FX+ line.  Check out our unboxing video, then have a look at the written review and detailed photographs below.

Priced at $69.99 these figures are available right now for preorder here at the Kotobukiya website.  They are set to release next month, October 2016.

The artwork on the boxes is a nice mix of product photos and background elements.  Not that you’re likely to display the boxes, but they are worthy of display and look great next to one another.  The packaging inside is simple molded clear plastic, and each component is individually bagged to ensure that your figure arrives safely.

There is a little assembly required, but as you saw in the video it’s super easy and once together the figures are very secure.  Once assembled, these 1/10 scale figures stand at just under seven inches tall (including the base) in their crouched, action poses.

The Captain America figure is beautiful.  The colors really pop, although they are muted (we wouldn’t expect blue fabric to be shiny) and his uniform is even dirty which I think adds to the grit of the figure, and the battle that’s happening between these two iconic Marvel characters.  With static figures, I prefer action poses over museum poses and given the subject matter, it only makes sense to have the two of them battling each other.  I think Kotobukiya chose excellent poses for these two figures.

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The Iron Man figure literally shines.  The paint job is spectacular, as if Stark and JARVIS had done it themselves and the Hot Rod red is just gorgeous.  The Mark 46 suit makes for a beautiful looking piece and all of the details are there, as you’ll see in these closeup photos.  One minor thing that we really liked was how the ground was dented in around Iron Man’s feet.  As if he had just landed, heavily, and was now ready to do battle with Captain America.

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While the figures are each gorgeous in their own right, and are sold individually, I can’t imagine too many Marvel fans not buying both of them and displaying them together. If you display them as intended, the bases match up nicely.  But you can also display them facing outward together, or facing opposite one another.

Kotobukiya Civil War figures

These figures will be out soon, so preorder yours today from Kotobukiya!  Any serious Marvel fan would love to have these at home or even at their office.

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