Marvel Fitness Equipment Coming Soon

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This is amazing. Heroic Hollywood broke the news that fitness company Onnit has just announced their Marvel Hero Elite Series of fitness equipment and what they have shown looks amazing. Onnit has been known for a lot of the unconventional products they have including supplements, food, and training equipment but this takes the cake.

As of right now only two hero-inspired products have been shown but they are impressive. First off there is the Captain America Barbell Plates that are essentially weight plates with the iconic Captain America shield on them. Made from a high strength polyurethane with a steel center these plates will for sure kickstart that Super-Soldier training. Here’s a look and demonstration straight from the Onnit YouTube channel:

Then they also announced the Iron Man Helmet Kettlebell, which also is pretty impressive. At 40 pounds this kettlebell is not to be taken lightly, and you won’t have to worry about dinging it up and ruining it thanks to its chip-resistant composition. It looks super accurate to really any of the Iron Man helmets seen in the MCU movies. Don’t believe me? Well check out Onnit’s video about it:

These both look amazing and are definite must haves for all of you fitness junkies looking to heroify your workouts or for those of us looking to get convention fit for the future. But these are just two of what I hope to be a big line of Marvel inspired fitness equipment. I’m hoping for at least something Thor related and maybe even Spider-Man related in a future addition to the line.

Both of these pieces of equipment will debut sometime in October. Stay tuned right here for more information.

Are you going to be picking these up when they come out? What else would you like to see from this line? Let us know either in the comments or on Twitter! Also check out the rest of our collectibles over here!


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