The Marvel Reporter’s Commentary on The December 2016 Marvel Solicits

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On a monthly basis The Marvel Report will be commentating on the new Marvel solicits. This month the Marvel Reporters will be discussing Marvel’s November solicits. Read the full solicits here on Comic Frontline.

Commentators: Kat, Tatiana, John, Jessica, Jay, Jeremy, Christian 

Editor: Kat


IVX #1
John – It’s about time. This is the story that has been building up since the end of Secret Wars with varying degrees of success. Will the payoff be worth it? I’m not sure, but I do know that Lemire, Soule, and Yu are a superstar creative team. That alone has me on board.

Christian – It’s been a long time coming but the event is finally on its way! I haven’t been a fan of what Marvel has been doing to the mutant race, but I’m a bit optimistic this will be the event to finally turns things around for mutantkind. Yes, on thesurface, this spells doom for Marvel’s favorite punching bags, but I’m more inclined to believe this event will finally see them “reclaim the throne” of being the popular super powered beings in the Marvel Universe. Fingers crossed.


Jay – I am grouping these together (IVX, Extraordinary X-Men) because, honestly this story is three years too late. The story started with the conclusion of Infinity in 2013. Marvel stalled this story for years, and now I am wondering does anyone really care? By the time this story concludes in whatever “ResurrXion” winds up being it will be four years. Maybe if this was a more interesting story that had a clear direction from conception and something thrown together, I may be more interested.


John – New Avengers is currently one of the best comics being published at Marvel, and Al Ewing is one of the company’s best writers. This series is essentially a continuation of New Avengers, and I have no doubt It will help Ewing continue his rapid ascent to the top of business.

Christian – I was initially reluctant to give yet another Avengers book (there seems to be a lot of these) a chance, but I glanced at the team lineup and was instantly sold. A weird team tackling weird events? Oh you know I’m down for this!

Jay – This team has some of my favorite characters in it, but it just feels off. Why isn’t U.S. Agent or Patriot on this team? Why is Squirrel Girl on this team? I don’t think it will last that long.



Kat – After the events of Civil War 2 I am excited to see if The Mighty Captain Marvel will be Carol’s redemption arc. Hopefully it will be an interesting character driven series.

John  – Margaret Stohl writing Captain Marvel? I’m in!

Jessica – Margaret Stoh writing a possible redemption arc for Carol? Sounds too good to be true! Very excited.

Jeremy – I really wanna see what direction Carol will be going in moving forward given all of her decisions.

Christian – I honestly don’t trust anyone else at the helm of a new ongoing Captain Marvel series other than Margaret Stohl. Bring it on!

Jay – Marvel is really pushing for Carol Danvers to be that flagship female hero, something they have been trying to do since “House of M”. I am looking forward to this, but if they really want her to be that flagship female character they need her leading the main Avengers team.



Kat – I don’t think I’ve been this excited for a Hulk series in a very long time. The title seems to be taking a call back to one of She Hulk’s original titles, Savage She Hulk. I hope with this series we will get to see more of Jen’s human form. That’s something that has been missing for me in recent years, since Jen has been so comfortable as She Hulk.

Tatiana – I don’t like the idea of a darker and angrier Jennifer Walters, but I’m glad to see She-Hulk getting her own title again. I’ll definitely give this a chance, especially since Mariko Tamaki is writing it.

John – Marino Tamaki writing a She Hulk comic? Once again, I’m in!

Jessica – Not a huge fan of a darker story for Jennifer Walters but am really excited that Jenn will have her own series. Excited to see where they take it.

Jeremy – Jenifer Walters is my second favorite marvel female character right behind Kitty Pryde. This series has a lot of potential given everything she’s been through recently. I can’t wait.

Jay – This is my most anticipated book in December from Marvel. She-Hulk is one of my all-tme favorite Marvel characters and I always liked that she was different from her cousin, but with all that has happened she will be growing more like him maybe? This is going to be a fun series to watch grow.



Kat – This is probably my most anticipated issue for the month. I’ve been a huge Kate Bishop fan since her first appearance in Young Avengers, and I am glad that she’s becoming a bigger hero in the Marvel Universe.

Tatiana – I’ve been waiting for Kate Bishop to get a solo title since reading Young Avengers, so I’m there with bells on. Next up: America Chavez, please!

John – Kelly Thompson is a rising star at Marvel, and I’m excited to see what she does with Kate Bishop. Oh yeah, it’s about time Kate gets her own series, and that a hero decides to move out to my neck of the woods.

Jessica – Don’t remember the last time I was this excited for a new series. So glad Kate Bishop will finally be front and center.

Jeremy – I’m a massive Young Avengers fan anyone who knows me knows that I never shut up about them. Plus Kate is an LA P.I. It’s like they’re writing this just for me.

Christian – Finally! Kate Bishop gets her own solo run! I’m a huge fan of hers and can’t wait to see what this series has in store for her!

Jay – I love Kate Bishop, but stop giving every heroin the Marvel universe a legacy. We have so many duplicates running around now, give Kate her own identity. Plus I really want to see her reunite with the original Young Avengers.



Kat – I don’t think this series will last.

Jay – Lumping these three together (Footkiller, Solo) since they are all Mercs for Money and all have me asking; Where was the demand for these solo series? I would have prefered a Stingray series.



Kat – Classified? We all know it’s Richard Rider.

Jeremy – OMG OMG OMG OMG MY NOVA IS FINALLY BACK!!! THANK THE ONE ABOVE ALL!!! ahem… this is cool I guess.

Jay – Why is Richard Rider’s name classified? Marvel announced this in July. With that said though I am super excited! Nova is the most consistently well written series coming out of Marvel through all their rebrandings since Marvel NOW! Round One.



Kat – I am excited to see Brian Michael Bendis take the Guardians to earth! This title needed a new direction.

Christian – The Guardians of the Galaxy on Earth? This should be fun!



Kat – Another series I am glad to see grounded.

John – Anybody that has read Howard The Duck knows that Chip Zdarsky writing Peter Quill is going to be something special. If Chip ended up in deep space leading a ragtag team in saving the galaxy, he would probably act a lot like Peter. I have a good feeling about this one.

Christian – Star-Lord trying to adjust to life back on Earth sounds like comedy gold. Count me in!


Tatiana – I’ve never been big into Guardians of the Galaxy, other than the awesome sauce movie. But Gamora is its most fascinating member, in my humble opinion. Definitely looking forward to seeing how she got her start.

Jessica – Gamora has always been my favorite part of the GOTG franchise so I’m excited to see her get her own series. Hoping this may be a sign of more Gamora in the film franchise as well!


SILK #15

Kat – I am so excited for this upcoming arc for Silk. It will be nice to see Cindy and J Jonah’s relationship explored more. J Jonah obviously has a very interesting past with spider heroes, which is why I think he is one of the best characters in the Silk series.

Tatiana – I love the dynamic between Cindy and J. Jonah Jameson so far, and I’m always here for resurrecting fridged female characters. Hopefully Maria and Mattie get to stay alive, and in the meantime I’m looking forward to the mysteries Silk unravels surrounding the event.



Kat – What’s a clone story without Jackal?

Jay – Lumping these all together (Clone Conspiracy, Silk, Prowler) as they all focus on the Clone Conspiracy. I am cautiously awaiting for this event. Spider-Man and clones have a not so easy history, especially with fans. Before “One More Day” there was “The Clone Saga” the original story that had Spider-Fans turning on Marvel and is still a sore spot for both sides. I hope Slott does this right and man I just want Ben Reilly back!!!!



Kat – I wasn’t excited for Infamous Iron Man before, but PEPPER POTTS is returning as Rescue. So this story just got very interesting.

Jay – So glad to see Pepper back and as Rescue! I would love for her to be Riri’s mentor though in Invincible.



Kat – It looks like we are going to finally find out more about Earth-65’s Matt Murdock, something that has been building since Edge of Spider-Verse #2.

Jessica – Curious to see what they do with Earth-65 Matt Murdock.


John – I just keep getting excited when I read that Mike Del Mundo is drawing a Kang story written by Mark Waid.

Jay – Vision losing it on Kang! This is going to be good! The recent Vision series has been so good and really upped his profile and potential. But if you add in his connection to Kang via Iron Lad, it can be an intense amazing story.


Jay – The closer we get to this series the more I am looking forward to it. I can not wait to see this team interact.


Tatiana – It feels like just yesterday that Riri Williams was first announced, and I am already in love with her. I wish her a long and fruitful run, and I’ll definitely be picking up any titles with her in them.


Jay – I am over the Hydra story I was over it with the 1st issue. I don’t want this to keep going give me back Steve Rogers.


Tatiana – Did someone say Misty Knight? She’s not appearing in enough stories for me, so I will read this one for sure. I haven’t been keeping up with Captain America, but I will catch up where I must to be onboard for this arc.


Jay – See the whole IvX thing. How long has this been going on for now? Come on this story needs to end.



Kat – Didn’t we already have a Shield story with Miles’ father? Is it necessary to have another one?



Kat – I am excited to see how MJ will be as a hero, and glad to already get a spotlight issue for her.

Jay – I still dislike the suit and even that MJ has Spider-Powers. I hope they execute the comic better than they did their costumes.



Kat – It sounds like this can be a very cool character driven issue for Jessica, where we see our character on the brink. (My favorite type of superhero storytelling)

Tatiana – Not going to lie, mostly I love Veronica Fish’s art. But this run of Spider-Woman has been great so far and I don’t expect Hobgoblin to change that.

Jessica – Looking forward to what will sure be a very character driven issue for Jessica.


Jay – I am super excited about this! Venom: Space Knight has been building up to the return of the tongue drooling Venom we all know and love and with a new host bringing him back to that, I can not wait. I wonder how fans will react if it isn’t Eddie Brock?



Kat- I hope we get to see more of Power Man and Iron Fist’s family with this Annual.



Kat – I’m interested to see what this mystery of the Marvel Universe is going to be about, and pumped for this series in general.

John – It may be the third issue, and the middle of the arc, but I’ll never stop being happy that Bendis and Gaydos are working on a Jessica Jones story once again.


Tatiana – My anticipation for this series only grows, especially as we see more of the state Wakanda is in today in Black Panther. I’m very curious to see how the country faired under Queen Shuri and what led Ayo and Aneka to go from the Dora Milaje to the Midnight Angels.

Jessica – I have been waiting for this series since I heard it announced at SDCC. Coates and Roxane Gay are truly a dream team. I can’t wait to see Wakanda grow more and more.

Jeremy – Don’t know much about this series but I’m a huge Black Panther fan so I’ll try it.


Tatiana – I’m pumped for this series, especially with Felipe Smith at the helm. And a team-up between him and Amadeus Cho sounds like a fun ride.


Jay – As much as I love Lunella I am glad she is only going to be the smartest by default, because Reed Richards isn’t on Earth at the moment. I don’t like the new trend with Marvel replacing everything and anything, nor do I like the lack of Fantastic Four.


Jay – I know Kat isn’t a fan of Namor, but I am and I can not wait until he returns, but I do not want to get back old favorite at the expense of another.


John – Natasha and Bucky sitting in a tree…



Kat – Looks like this is going to be a very emotional arc for Laura, and Tom Taylor always does character driven stories perfectly.

Jay – Tom Taylor! Laura! Enemy of the State II! Nuff said bub!


Jay – The Max Ride books are so overlooked, I really enjoy them. I know this is the last mini in the trilogy I just hope we see more of them after it is over.


Jay – I am looking forward to this. The Disney Kingdom line is really cool. I love the way they put a new spin on these classic attractions adding to the world Walt Disney created.


John – I love Star Wars, and I love secrets. Given the writer, and that it’s a secret, I’m guessing it will be spinning out of the Darth Vader finale. A Doctor Aphra series perhaps?

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