Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD Cast Promotional Photos Released

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Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD has a pretty unique place in the Marvel Fandom. While promotional photos from films are dissected for days, poured over by experts and discussed in detail on Reddit forums, Agents of SHIELD as the first of Marvel Television’s offerings feels quite a bit more personal. Case in point, new photos were released today and given to the actors themselves to share.

Fans of Agents of Shield know that both writers and actors enjoy a warm occasionally tumultuous relationship with their fans, but that level of personal dedication to the art of what they create is always evident.  From three seasons of Brett Dalton’s unbelievable puns to Clark Gregg’s activism and Chloe Bennet being herself, any promotional material is unique and special and almost feels like the actor is handing it to you themselves.

Clark Gregg, aka Phil Coulson had this to say this morning.

While we all know Clark Gregg isn’t Henry Simmons (but don’t we all wish that we were Henry Simmons deep down?) the love the actors have for each other is sincere and what could be a boring promotional photo release becomes a fun joke – concluding with Clark Gregg’s own photo a moment later.

What could just come out in a press release becomes a chance for interaction between actor and viewer, and a chance on the part of the PR team to encourage people by offering them a special “magical” moment.

Elizabeth Henstridge, aka the Simmons of the popular pairing FitzSimmons posted this soon afterwards, capturing that same personal social media touch.

Since Iain De Caestecker isn’t on social media, Liz also was able to share Fitz’s photo, putting the pairing back together.

From an observational standpoint all of these photos reflect a much more mature version of the first season’s photographs. These are six people who have come through everything that the past three seasons have taught them and appear visibly ready to take on a brand new chapter as characters. Gone is their wide optimism and youth. These are older, wiser, secret agents, more prepared for Ghost Rider and the trials and machinations of whatever the writers might throw at them.

While the characters might be wiser and far less trusting, their actors make up for it with caring and a sense of optimism that’s unrivaled. Opening up their social media accounts and adding that personal touch is part of what makes being a part of the Agents of SHIELD fandom so special, and upon occasion can add unique vaguely mysterious hints about what’s forthcoming…

Rounding out the actors photographs are photos of Natalia Cordova Buckley, aka the speedster Yo-Yo whose faith and optimism helped Mack get through the season finale, and Daisy Johnson, whose split from the team after being swayed by Hive seems to be a major story arc this season as she becomes “Quake” a real superhero using her powers to help the less fortunate and take a stand against authority.  Both Mrs. Buckley and Ms. Bennet are both more positive social media presences, using their platform to not only promote the show but help others, continuing that sense of personal interaction that makes them such good people, and Agents of Shield such a great show.

Whatever the future might hold for these key players in Season 4 between Ghost Rider and the new director, it’s worth pausing to give a shout out to people who take the time and the effort to offer a personal spin on what could and has been a professional obligation. It’s a testament to how much love they have for their art form and for the material that they’re given, a love that translates to fans who take the time to craft incredible fan art like some of these examples here – inspired by such giving people.

If you have a passion for fan art give those artists a follow, their regular art is inspired by a great show run by a great group of people.

Continue following The Marvel Report for updates on Agents of SHIELD season 4 and be sure to tune in September 20th at it’s new time slot of 10pm!

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