Marvels Agents Of SHIELD Trailer Talks Vengeance

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Marvels Agents Of SHIELD Trailer Talks Vengeance

It’s new comic book day AND new promo day, as a brand new Agents of SHIELD teaser hints at the coming of Robbie Reyes. Surprisingly it’s a Ghost Rider vs. Daisy showdown, with Daisy warning Reyes of the consequences of playing God and deciding who lives and who dies.  Check out the explosive new season four trailer below:


While the first trailer seemed to focus exclusively on Ghost Rider (understandably so since he’s the main focus of the first half of the season,) this trailer gives a bit more information about how the rest of the team feels about this particular character.  Gone is the reckless attitude in regards to saving the world and gone is the belief that these are characters who will always do the right thing.  Daisy has clearly been changed by her encounter with Hive and the loss of Lincoln Campbell, seeing how absolute power corrupts people she cautions Robbie against trying to decide who lives and who dies – seemingly with little success.

Ghost Rider is traditionally a tough character whose motivations aren’t nearly as cut and dried as other anti-heroes. While Frank Castle is motivated by punishment, Ghost Rider’s punishment is of a far more divine nature – and in Robbie Reyes’s case a far more sinister one.  How he struggles with his dual nature is obviously a key component of the story as just after she warns him that he “can’t decide who lives and who dies” he’s seen driving the hell charger right at a man tied to a door in a scene straight out of a trap from the Saw horror films.

Ghost Rider

It’s worth noting that while Robbie seems poised to fall down a dark path, Daisy is shaped by 3 seasons of tangling with HYDRA and the machinations of SHIELD and the government into a heroine who cautions him about how to use his powers.  While Chloe Bennet says that she became quake for all the wrong reasons, it’s very clear that her motivations are positive in this case and that she might be able to offer some sort of direction or guidance to Reyes.

Not only is this a welcome change and an intriguing potential story arc for the character, but it continues to shape Chloe Bennet and Daisy Johnson (heroines to so many fans,) into characters who should go straight into the Cinematic Universe where they can stand tall with the Avengers.

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD returns to a new timeslot, Tuesdays at 10 pm on ABC.

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