BREAKING NEWS: MU Teaser Revealed to be Monsters Unleashed

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How’s it going true believers? Yesterday I did an article on 3 predictions I had about the MU teaser that’s been floating around for a couple weeks now. Well the big reveal is here folks so let’s talk about it. Drum roll please…MU stand for….Monsters Unsealed.


Cue confused looks and crickets. Most of you are probably reading this and asking what the heck is Monsters Unleashed? Well beyond the title the creative team, and the fact that we can expect it be released in January of 2017 we don’t know much, but Monsters Unleashed was an old horror anthology series from the 70’s that featured the adventures of characters like Man Thing, Frankenstein, and Werewolf By Night. It hasn’t been confirmed if this new series will be of the same nature, but as of right now that’s probably our best guess.

Man Thing

I’ll be honest with you guys I’m disappointed. Don’t get me wrong I’m a huge horror fan and I’m glad that it seems like Marvel is giving horror some love again but this was built up like it was some big universe changing deal and this was all we got. Well I thought Howling Commandos was a highly underrated series that used classic Marvel horror characters in fun interesting ways, who knows maybe it’ll actually catch on this time. It’s too early to judge so I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt for now. What do you guys think of this news? Are you excited or disappointed?

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  1. Actually I’m both excited (I think it’s great if they’re bringing back the horror anthology and characters like Man-Thing) and disappointed (I thought this was going to be an event or something with ramifications for the Marvel Universe as a whole).