New Agents OF SHIELD Promo “Vengeance” Comes To Tuesdays

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Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD arrives September 20th at 10 pm, but Ghost Rider has arrived quite a bit sooner. A new promo is making the rounds  and it promises that Vengeance is coming to Tuesdays, reveals the season’s subtitle: “Ghost Rider”. It offers a look at the shock that’s coming to our favorite team of Agents.



The promo material heavily features ghost rider himself an an absolutely gorgeous look at the hell charger, complete with flames.   A character promises that “When the rider sees you he burns your soul” suggesting that the magical universe has been operating seemingly without check while our favorite team of Agents has been working on creatures from another world and what they’ve left behind.  It looks absolutely gorgeous, and the focus on such a major antihero is sure to provide a much needed boost for the show.

Fans might remember Robbie Reyes as the down-on-his-luck Latinx mechanic who lives an works in East LA. A high school student, Robbie balances his time between a job, taking care of his disabled brother Gabriel, and school – until an ill fated street race unites him with a restless spirit named Eli Morrow.  Transformed into the Ghost Rider, Reyes begins to take vengeance on those within his neighborhood who do harm including a drug dealer with some history on Agents of SHIELD, Mr. Hyde himself Calvin Zabo.

Rumors of a full trailer continue to swirl and fans are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to ride with Robbie.   The season’s teaser promises quite a lot of grit and a brand new look for our favorite team of agents.  With other struggles like a brand new director, a new life form in the form of the Life Model Decoys and more, it looks like it’s going to be one firey season.  Check out the trailer below to get ready to ride.

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD premieres September 20th at 10 pm on ABC.

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