Peggy Carter Joins Avengers Academy

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Woke up this morning and checked in on Avengers Academy and to my surprise Tony Stark has done it again. This time he messed with time trying to contact his dad in the past to impress him, but instead accidentally brought Peggy Carter to the future! How cool is that!

Peggy Carter Tony Stark

And yes she is 100% going to be a playable character in the game. Right now you can unlock her for 700 Infinity Shards ($14USD), or 600 ($12USD) depending since she will actually get progressively cheaper as a login bonus. Once you login you will get to claim the daily reward that will make her 100 shards cheaper and on the 3rd and 5th day there will be a bonus reward. On the 7th day, provided you have logged in and claimed all 6 previous days, she will be FREE. This is the option I suggest the most since you’ll need those shards for unlocking Elektra which I mentioned over here as an update to my Hell’s Kitchen Event coverage.

Peggy Carter Requirements
Requirements to Unlock

What’s actually pretty cool about this is that this is part of Marvel’s way of promoting both Captain America: Civil War’s home release as well as the release of the Marvel Tsum Tsum game that released back on August 31st. (Thanks to fellow TMR writer Jennifer Redelle Carey ¬†for this information, and totally go check out her other work.)


I really hope that once she’s unlocked there is a quest where she meets Steve, Bucky, and Agent 13. I sadly didn’t unlock Winter Soldier back during the Civil War event, I’m hoping that is not the last time I can get him though. So what’s your thoughts on this awesome addition to an already awesome game? What costumes would you like to see her get? Maybe a Cap Peggy suit? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! Or respond by going to our Twitter or Facebook page and comment there on your thoughts!

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