REVIEW: Squadron Supreme #11- “Squadron Supreme vs. Spider-Man”

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Writer: James Robinson
Penciller: Leonard Kirk
Colorist: Chris Sotomayor 
Inkers: Paul Neary and Marc Deering
Letterer: VC’s Travis Lanham 
Release Date: 9/7/17
Price: $3.99


PlotIt’s a race against time as the Squadron Supreme must stop Mordred and Warrior Woman from traveling back in time! But first they must get past The Amazing Spider-Man!

StoryIt’s crunch time! The Squadron Supreme has their sights set on Warrior Woman and her dangerous plan to resurrect Namor. But before they can deal with her, they first have one obstacle in their way. Following their skirmish with Blue Marvel in the previous issue, the super-team of anti-heroes once again find themselves going up against another hero in their fight to stop Warrior Woman (accompanied by Mordred) from accessing Reed Richards’ time machine: The Amazing Spider-Man.

This issue opens up with a battle at the Baxter Building between Squadron Supreme and everyone’s favorite web-head Spider-Man. The fight itself is long, albeit entertaining as with practically every fight with Spider-Man, but not much else goes on other than that.

Squadron 11

In between all the fighting there’s a neat little moment where Blur questions the teams purpose on Earth. If this small bit of dialogue been expanded, I would have enjoyed this issue. The Squadron as you know is made up of heroes from alternate worlds that are no longer in existence. Since forming they’ve had to deal with not only finding their place on a Earth that isn’t their own but also their place among other heroes. The latter has come into play a lot lately. Instead of doing good, they’re stopped at every turn by the Earths heroes.

ArtI’ve wavered on the art this issue. Leonard Kirk has an eye for detail in large panels. His attention to detail when drawing the background is easy on the eyes. Smoke and rubble is depicted in a semi-realistic manner that makes the issue pop. I can’t say that I’ve been enjoying the way everything else is drawn. The smaller fight panels are a jumbled eye soar which unfortunately brings down the quality of Sotomayor’s colors. The colors do stand out above the rest of the art. Chris Sotomayor uses a rich color palette to portray every character, and his work on Spider-Man looks especially good.

Squad 11 3

VerdictIf you were expecting things to pickup after the cliffhanger in issue #10, you’d be half-right. However, not much seems to go on this issue besides fighting. The addition of Spider-Man makes issue #11 pretty enjoyable but in terms of overall story progression, we’re left once again waiting for the return of Namor.

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