Agents of SHIELD 4.05 Review: “Lockup”

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Agents of SHIELD 4.05 Review: “Lockup

In an attempt to protect Robbie Reyes’ uncle Eli from Lucy Bauer, the team breaks into South Ridge Penitentiary. After they divide into separate factions, chaos ensues.

Mama May, Papa Phil & Their Daughter Daisy

As they split the party, May, Phil and Daisy find themselves chased down by an entire Watch Dog cell block. After barricading a cafeteria door they have the time to space themselves their pursuers. That is until Daisy locks herself in.

Daisy’s mission of vengeance isn’t conducive to a functioning team and she knows it. Her reckless behavior almost gets her killed before May and Coulson can get back. All she can do is tell May that they shouldn’t have come back for her. A thought that wouldn’t ever pass through their minds.

May and Coulson are basically Daisy’s adoptive parents. Strict but loving Mom and fun-loving Dad. Throughout this episode you could see in Coulson’s eyes how happy he was to have Daisy around again. Moments where he glances over at her with a smile like old times were here again, though she wouldn’t respond.

Counter that with May’s stern but worried scolding and this nuclear (or I guess terrigen) family had everything but the emo records blasting from Daisy’s room after she slammed her door shut.

Daisy is punishing herself by seeking retribution, and it’s wreaking havoc on more than just her.

A Shotgun-Axe and Fiery Chains

Mack and Robbie squad up and it’s interesting to see their interactions while isolated with each other. Mack clearly doesn’t trust Robbie but seems to have moments where he’s training a new recruit. Meanwhile, Robbie clearly doesn’t want anything to do with SHIELD and would rather be settling things his way. Even if it is in rural Utah.

There’s no question that it’s a reluctant babysitting job at first, but they were surprisingly well together in action. They read each other surprisingly well. Plus, not much can out-metal a shotgun-axe and a flaming skull.

The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing…What The…

Simmons is kind of the odd one out in this episode. She’s got her lie detection test, so she’s somewhat isolated by default but is soon paired up with Director Mace. Mace starts this episode in intimidating fashion, but it lasts for about twelve seconds before he’s back to lovable Jeffrey.

Simmons’ tussle with the truth brings her to a head when Mace tells a story in a live interview. She brings up something she’s been worried about through a few episodes now, microexpressions. Pointing out to Mace that she noticed his, showing he has something to hide after all. It was the first good fist-pump win for Jemma in a while.

But I continue to beg of showrunners and film directors to not use real life news anchors in their stories. I get that it’s cross promoting in a way, but it’s incredibly distracting. Otherwise, A+ on Jemma’s arc in this episode.

Doing Time

I’m glad Lucy’s attempts to get her hands on the Darkhold are becoming more clear. Not only is it to finish the job that Momentum Labs started, still a mystery, but to become corporeal again.

Lockup” brings up strong notes for everyone being contained to a cage one way or another. Robbie’s struggle with who he really is. Simmons’ struggles with truth. Daisy in self-appointed isolation. Even Phil needing to know what May “saw” when she died. Nearly every face on this team is imprisoned one way or another.

And Philinda shippers had one more little nugget of hope thrown their way, albeit amongst a lot of literal garbage.

Setting that theme in a literal prison could come off as a bit on-the-nose. Truthfully, in this case it worked wonders. The backdrop shined a light on the bars, self-imposed or otherwise, that members of the team are trapped behind.

Agents of SHIELD airs Tuesday nights, 10/9c on ABC.

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