Avengers Academy Halloween UPDATE: Episode 4 Details

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So Episode 4 just dropped for the Halloween event and a lot of fun things are happening. First things first if you haven’t gotten the Festive costume for Black Widow from that event crates then it’s already too late as Satana is no longer a boss fight character to get the keys. However you can still get the other costumes for the other characters including Mad Scientist Hulk, Cap Wolf, and the like. The gallery down below will have all the available costumes.


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Now onto the good stuff. After realizing the error of her ways Satana is now willing to join up with the school to take down Dracula and Mephisto. To unlock her you will need 4 Hot Sauces, 10 Vampire Pumpkins, 21 Black Lipsticks, and 6626 candies. She will definitely be helpful in taking down Dracula, who is the boss for this episode. The real question is why isn’t Blade the unlockable character this time around? Saving him for the final chapter? I hope so.

No, but we said the same thing about Robbie and he's here too.
No, but we said the same thing about Robbie and he’s here too.

There are also quite a few more costumes to add to the mix, that is if you have the characters unlocked.

First up is Wicked Witch Enchantress which can be unlocked with 40 Wings of Bat, 4 Vampire Pumpkins, 4 Broomsticks, and 5995 candies.

I guess you can dress like yourself?
I guess you can dress like yourself?

The next few are premium costumes that will help unlock Cap Wolf quicker. Unfortunately I do not have the two characters Tygra and Ant-Man. Tygra’s costume is an 80’s inspired outfit and Ant-Man is dressed as a Man-Ant. Both 80’s Tygra and Man-Ant Ant-Man (try saying that a few times fast) will be available in the Spooktacular Halloween crate for the remainder of the event.

Man-Ant Ant-Man is tied for my favorite costume.
Man-Ant Ant-Man is tied for my favorite costume.

And the other costume is Cardboard Iron Man, by far the silliest/dumbest one I’ve seen yet. He is part of the Creeptastic Halloween crate and is opened using 18 of the keys you get from defeating Dracula. Like Festive Black Widow Cardboard Iron Man is only available until the end of the episode.

You design armors, yet you can't design a costume? Wow Tony!
You design armors, yet you can’t design a costume? Wow Tony!

Speaking of which Episode 4 ends on October 27th at 6pm Eastern or 3pm Pacific.

Have you gotten all of the characters and costumes thus far? Which has been your favorite? Let me know in the comments or over on Twitter or Facebook!

And sorry about not posting about episode 3. Life kind of got in the way and I couldn’t do it. But be sure to stay tuned here for the final chapter of this spooky event.

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