Cable to Debut in New Ongoing Title

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Marvel Entertainment (@Marvel) announced through Twitter this morning that Cable is getting an ongoing series as part of the ResurrXion event!

This has been a pretty exciting week for X-Men fans. It seems Marvel may be finally prioritizing the mutants after years of neglect. It’s been a long time coming, that’s for sure. After teasing Iceman, Jean Grey, Weapon X, and Generation X, the fifth (but┬áhopefully not final) surprise ResurrXion announcement features the time-traveling mutant Cable.

Cable was recently featured in Uncanny Avengers. After a falling out with their leader, Steve Rogers, he decided to part ways from the group. One can assume that the X-Men and Inhuman war will come to an end after they face-off in IvX. So his role won’t exactly be in trying to stop the Terrigen from killing the mutant race. Where does this leave him? There are plenty of stories that can spin from this. We’ll just gave to wait till Spring 2017 to see.

No writing team has been announced yet, but check out the cool #1 cover below!



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