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Ever wonder what heroic trait defines you? Well now on the Marvel website you can do just that! You’ll be asked 10 rather normal questions and then it will determine your top 4, or in my case top 5, heroic traits. I say 5 because the last 4 are interchangeable. And each trait is represented by a hero or a hero team.

Iron Man is the Future:

Mark of the Future

Captain America is Honor:

Mark of Honor

Black Widow is Determination:

Mark of Determination

Hulk is Strength:

Mark of Strength

Thor is Worthiness:

Mark of Worthiness

Spider-Man is Responsibility:

Mark of Responsibility

Black Panther is Loyalty:

Mark of Loyalty

Doctor Strange is Enlightenment:

Mark of Enlightenment

The Avengers are Unity:

Mark of Unity

The Guardians of the Galaxy Defy Expectations:

Mark to Defy Expectations

My main one is Defy Expectations aka The Guardians of the Galaxy. Go figure right? I asked around and other Marvel Reporters chimed in as well. Clement Bryant got The Avengers, Blaise Hopkins got The Hulk, Brittany Rivera got Spider-Man, Chris King got Captain America (Makes me think what Shawn Richter got), Breeze Riley got Black Widow, Jonathan Hernandez got Doctor Strange, Carolyn Poddig also got Doctor Strange, and Lauren Gallaway also got Doctor Strange too. That last one being the most common one.

Anyways go check out this quiz and let us know what your main hero trait is either in the comments or somewhere on our social media!

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