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Netflix’s Luke Cage certainly is a hit. Sure, Luke may be the center character but the true breakout has been female lead Mercedes “Misty” Knight. A deeply dedicated NYPD detective who navigates the world of criminals and superheroes, Misty is winning the hearts of viewers. For many Luke Cage fans this is their first introduction to Misty Knight. However, Misty Knight has a long history with Marvel, Luke Cage and even Iron Fist (cameos anyone?) dating all the way back to the mid-1970s. Let’s dive into the fascinating history of Misty Knight, shall we?


Misty’s backstory similarly follows that of the show: NYPD detective, shady partner and a need to protect. Biggest difference? The bionic arm. Knight gets seriously injured during a bomb attack that she heroically tries to stop. The explosion causes Misty to lose her right arm, desperate to not work a desk job Misty gets a gift from none other than Tony Stark.


Misty’s arm is a powerful weapon: super humanly strong able to crush objects as tough as steel and punch a target with incredible force. In recent years Knight’s arm even got an upgrade. Now Misty is able to liquefy all known metals, generate a anti-gravity field and even release cryogenic energy able to cover targets in ice. Netflix let Misty keep her arm for now, it’ll be interesting to see if they let her become bionic.

Netflix showcases Misty’s superb detective skills, her sixth sense when it comes to crime and her basketball skills. What Netflix hasn’t shown is Misty’s insane Kung Fu skills. Created and heavily influenced by the Kung Fu craze of the 70s, Misty can kick butt like the best martial arts masters Marvel has to offer.

Craving some Kung Fu fighting from Knight? Danny Rand, the mystic Kung Fu expert known as Iron Fist, is the comic love of our dear Misty Knight.


The pair has been on and off again since 1977 when they shared their first kiss. Despite their falling outs, the two characters remain essential to each other. Despite their history, Simone Missick (portrays Misty on Luke Cage), won’t be appearing in Iron Fist. Don’t fret! A kiss will come when romance begins during the Defenders.

Another important relationship of Knight’s: Colleen Wing. Luke creates his own private detective agency, Heroes for Hire, helped by Iron Fist. Meanwhile, Misty also had a detective agency called Knightwing Restorations Limited which she ran with Colleen. Colleen is set to appear in Iron Fist, so surely the martial arts queens will tear things up in the Defenders.

colleen and misty

Misty Knight is one of Marvel’s unsung heroes. Sure she’s no Natasha Romanoff but Misty can kick butt just like the rest of Marvel’s heroines. Netflix’s Luke Cage is the perfect outlet to introduce the world to Misty Knight. Simone Missick breaths life into the character, letting Misty shine brighter than all others on Luke Cage. Her story is just beginning and the world better get ready for loads of Mercedes “Misty” Knight.

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