Gabriel Luna: Lets Make a Ghost Rider Spinoff Happen

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Gabriel Luna Ghost Rider

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Actor Gabriel Luna was interviewed by IGN at New York Comic Con today about his role as Ghost Rider.  During the the interview it was obvious how knowledgeable and passionate Luna is about the character, as he named the current comic book writer Felipe Smith and artist Tradd Moore.  He also named past Ghost Riders Johnny Blaze, Danny Ketch and Alejandra Jones.  Luna’s love for the character is always tangible in his interviews.

But the most notable part of the interview was when he was asked if Ghost Rider may get his own spinoff show some time in the future.  Luna smiled widely at the thought and said that “There have been rumblings about that” and added “If you love it, we’ll make it.”

Gabriel Luna Ghost Rider

When asked about how he brings Ghost Rider to life, Luna said that he channels The Hulk (his favorite Marvel character growing up), Wolverine, The Crow and even Charles Bronson’s character Paul Kersey in the Death Wish movies into his rendition of Robbie Reyes.  “When my face melts away, it hurts every single time…but he knows sometimes that it has to happen.”

Smiling again when he elaborated on his thoughts of a Ghost Rider show, Luna added “There are a lot of bad dudes out there we could clean up with Ghost Rider on our side…Let’s make it happen.”

When asked who he’d like to see Ghost Rider team up with if a spinoff were to happen, he noted that in the upcoming comic (due out November 1) Ghost Rider will be teaming up with Totally Awesome Hulk.

I’d have to agree that would be…totally awesome.

You can watch the whole interview here on IGN:

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