UPDATE: Hell Arrives at Avengers Academy

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So after a little down time from the Hell’s Kitchen event Avengers Academy is has now literally gone to Hell. Just in time for Halloween! Apparently Wasp thinks this is the best thing ever.

To be able to start this event you need to be at least level 6 and have Van Dyne’s Outfits.

Just who is the villain this time? Well it’s Mephisto … and Dracula? Yeah a spooky team up indeed.


This time around you’ll be able to recruit characters like Blade, Moon Knight, Misty Knight, and even Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes)! Though he, like every other coveted character, is a premium character at 595 Shards. And there’s costumes as well for the existing characters on campus. At the moment only Thunder Loki, Loki in a Thor costume, is available.

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Speaking of the first character they make available to you is Misty Knight and she can be recruited with 4 Leather Jackets, 8 Mummified Pumpkins, 21 pairs of Aviators, and 5920 pieces of Candy Corn? The last one is the universal currency for the event. Thunder Loki can be yours for 40 Toy Hammers, 7 Mummified Treat Bags, 4 sets of Fake Muscles, and 4798 pieces of Candy Corn. And once you unlock the costume a new feature is added called Hangouts. No idea what it does just yet.


This is just ridiculous.
This is just ridiculous.

One final thing for now is that there are Fire Demons all around for you to fight and by doing so it gives you items that you will use during the hangouts.

Now having unlocked Misty Knight and after spending some time figuring out the hangout system it’s time for a bit of an update!

To start things off there is a new Halloween crate and inside you get a 1 in 24 chance for 1 of 2 costumes, assuing you have unlocked the characters. Either a Zombie Taskmaster costume and a Red Riding Hood Ms. Marvel costume are both available along with some other goodies like Robbie Reyes’ car as a decoration.



Though those aren’t the only costumes either because Cap-Wolf is definitely a thing. How could they have passed this up? Anyways the way to get him is to raise 10 relationships to Level 4 or higher in the hangouts and no buying him out either. So at this point you should have at least 3-4 characters that can interact so as it stands you can’t get him at the moment unless you were super lucky and managed to get the other 2 costumes above on top of this next costume.


Which just so happens to be Falcon as a penguin. It is super silly but also probably one of the best things to come out of this event so far. To unlock you will need 40 cans of Sardines from the mission board, 4 Howling Pumpkins(will explain further down), 4 ice cubes from Moon Knight’s Limo, and 4812 pieces of candy. Or you can spend your shards to get him quicker.


And now that Misty Knight is free the next hero shows up to be freed. And that is Moon Knight. To unlock you will need 4 Ankhs from the Khonshu Statue decoration, 8 Howling Pumpkins, 21 Mooncakes from the mission board, and 6012 pieces of candy. Again if you have the shards needed to unlock him that is also a choice.



And finally the hangout system. What that is is just a 2 person mission that requires the bags that you get from defeating either Fire Demons or Green Fire Demons and each bag corresponds to a different task. The regular Fire Demons drop mummified bags needed to get the mummified pumpkin item while the Green Fire Demons drop howling bags used to get Howling Pumpkins. As you use 2 characters together their friend rank increases giving you rewards with each rank up ultimately getting to Level 4 or more in order to get Cap-Wolf.

One last thing is that you can now trick-or-treat in the Hell portals to boost the fighting skills of your heroes. And as of right now that’s all for this update.

Stay tuned here for more updates on Avengers Academy!

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