New Iceman Ongoing Series Revealed

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Marvel just announced a new ongoing title featuring X-Men founding member Iceman.

This news comes straight from Marvel’s Twitter page:

The teaser features panels from Iceman’s 50 year long history. The popular X-Man has undergone significant changes during his 50 year run. Not only are there a past and present version of the character (Long story), but quite recently Bobby came out as gay. With that said, it’s still not known whether or not this series will focus on past Bobby or present Bobby. Additionally, it’s unclear what the mysterious ResurrXion event has to do with this new title. One can assume ResurrXion will reboot the X-Men and Inhumans comics. Not a full reboot obviously. Just new stories and characters taking the spotlight.

According to the teaser, the new Iceman solo run is expected to release in Spring 2017. Other than that, not much else is known about the upcoming series. No creative team has been announced as of yet, but that will likely change as we get closer to the comics release.

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