New ResurrXion Weapon X Ongoing Series Announced

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New Weapon X ongoing series announced!

As expected, yesterday’s Iceman solo run tease was just the beginning. This second title announced under the new ResurrXion banner looks to feature some of the mutants connected to Canada’s Weapon X Project. In the tease, we see an old panel of Wolverine, Laura aka X-23 (Also the current Wolverine), Deadpool, and Sabretooth. There’s also Sauron and a unknown creature.

Weapon X has a pretty long history in the comics. After first appearing in The Incredible Hulk #181 way back in 1974, the government organization has since been featured in several other titles. Writers like Grant Morrison have delved deeper into the Weapon X mythos by including other experiments of the mysterious organization.

The Weapon X project has had a hand in creating Wolverine and other characters. Will this new series once again feature an unwilling participant of the project? Or perhaps this title will just focus on former members. Just like Iceman, the story and creative team have yet to be revealed. All is known is the release date: Spring 2017. It’s also still not clear whether or not ResurrXion will be an event or limited series.

Nonetheless, keep your eyes peeled during for the week for more teases like this one.



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