NYCC Gaming Round Up: Marvel Games Get Strange

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New York Comic-Con was this weekend, and there was a lot of Marvel news revealed to the public. What we’re focused on, though, is the gaming news that dropped on Thursday at the Marvel Digital House of Ideas & Games Panel. In this case all of the news is featuring the Sorcerer Supreme himself, Doctor Stephen Strange as he graces 6 games with his presence.

First off Marvel Future Fight will have a MCU version of Strange added to the roster, so you can have the best match-ups including Agents of SHIELD Quake vs Doctor Strange. That could be fun. Not only that, there will be some supporting cast coming along as well including Wong, Mordo, the Ancient One, Kaecilius, Satanna, and Hellstrom as well as some comic and movie character skins. Seriously the possibilities are endless!


Moving over to Marvel Puzzle Quest where Strange and Kaecilius will show up. It’s not a game I play but those who do have been looking forward to these additions.


My favorite piece of news from this is that Doctor Strange will be joining the crew over at Avengers Academy!  The teen doctor (why does he need to go to school if he’s already a doctor?) has a levitation scarf and signature white streak in his hair. I’m just really excited because there are already a few magic users, with more being introduced with the Halloween event going on right now, at the academy so bringing Strange in could bring in a ton of silly and weird conversations, not to mention ones with other characters like Tony Stark.


Then going over to the news for Marvel Tsum Tsum’s and yes Doctor Strange will be there along with Mordo, Mephisto, and The Ancient One.


Contest of Champions will also be having Doctor Strange characters to join the roster with Baron Mordo and Doctor Voodoo joining as well as Doctor Strange.

Thats all for the news, but fans also asked about Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, a new Marvel VS Capcom game, as well as possibly joining LEGO Dimensions now that Disney Infinity is gone, and the panel’s response was along the lines of anything is possible and to make themselves heard online and at conventions to draw attention to the possibility of this happening. If the latter happens then The Avengers could meet The Justice League in an epic LEGO team-up.

What do you guys think of the news? Let me know down in the comments or let us know over on Twitter or Facebook! Also be sure to stick right here for all of your Marvel NYCC News coverage!

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