REVIEW: Death of X #2 – “Tension Rises”

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REVIEW: Death of X #2 - "Tension Rises"

Writer: Charles Soule & Jeff Lemire
Penciler: Aaron Kuder
Colorist: Morry Hollowell & David Jay Ramos
Inker: Morry Hollowell & David Jay Ramos
Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino
Price: $3.99
Release Date: October 19, 2016


Plot: Death of X #2 continues to add additional insight into what happened a year ago when the Terrigen Mist spread around the world, infecting Mutants and causing conflict between Mutants and the Inhumans.

Story: Death of X utilizes two amazing writers in Charles Soule and Jeff Lemire. The two know how to craft great stories that provide proper insight into these characters as individuals as well as what’s going on with the two groups as a whole. The best part about Death of X is how well both sides of the conflict are represented; readers can easily see both points of view and that the Mutants and Inhumans stance is agreeable. Both of these races are just trying to do what’s best for their people and want acceptance, but the Inhumans and Mutants being so similar in having powers probably causes the public to just group them together. It’s an interesting look into the Marvel comics universe and just how grand the company has grown it to be, because this story adds a lot of depth to such a unique part of their catalog with such a relatable story structure.


Although certain characters are going to always going to look out for their own kind, Soule and Lemire do a great job with keeping everything questionable. Medusa seems to recognize the misfortune that the Terrigen Mist is lethal to Mutants but she clearly has no plan to stop the mist and bring the growth of her people to a halt. Death of X #2 nails this aspect of the story and that while there is currently some form of peace between Mutants and Inhumans, there is no trust. Both of these races are proud so it becomes a huge deal if Mutants are being mistaken for Inhumans and vice versa in hostile situations. Death of X manages to communicate the differences between the current state of both the Mutants and Inhumans very well, giving depth to the characters, their moods and the overall vibe of how each group feels. Soule and Lemire set up a very full story with lots of detail, which is what makes this book such a good read.


Death of X gets even tougher because there are still plenty of rational and peaceful characters out there. Issue #2 includes nice story elements that show, as seen above, characters like Storm and Crystal. Both of them show that they can co-exist with no problems as long as it benefits the greater good. Crystal really steps up in the issue which causes Storm to respond to the call as well; both characters represent great counter-parts to the respective leaders of their races, Medusa and Cyclops. Both are important characters to the story and the writing is handled really well to show their similarities. x-men-art

Art: The art for Death of X has been another extremely well-crafted aspect of the book. As mentioned earlier, the reflection of both the Inhumans and Mutants can be seen in the tone and outlook that the characters have. The writing has been great but the art also plays a big part in this because of decisions that the artists have made. From Kurder penciling to Hollowell and Ramos coloring and inking, they provide distinct differences in how each side is drawn and it flows with the writing perfectly to display the overall feeling that the Mutants and Inhumans have as a culture. The X-men and Mutants are always portrayed as being drawn with a simpler style and less details; the characters have little facial expression and always visibly look angry or upset. The Mutatns are the struggling group in Death of X and the art just brings the complete negative vibe to life while the Inhumans seem to have more detail and emotion shown throughout the panels that are focused on them.


There are a ton of great full page drawings that also help to echo the impact that the story is having on the characters. Things look so bleak for the X-Men right now and they are losing friends left and right because of the Terrigen Mist. The inclusion of closer up panels over the widespread grave site adds to the sadness of all these characters and how scary the situation they are in actually is. The art team for Death of X continues to expand on the different perspectives that this book focuses on because the story definitely shifts the point of view.


Cyclops and Medusa get a lot of focus because they are calling all of the shots and each representing their entire race. The art team does a great job of setting up the structure of these scenes because it never feels like anyone’s feelings are left out when major conflicts are happening. Cyclops is always very bold with his words, but issue #2 does a great job of show the impact he has when he’s sending his message to the world. Death of X is all about perspective, and the art has added loads of depth to the heavy story.

Verdict: Death of X is a very well-done book so far and it accomplishes a lot within this issue. Definitely a comic for X-Men or Inhuman fans to read.

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