REVIEW: Guardians of the Galaxy #13 – “Danger Zone”

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Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciler: Valerio Schiti
Colorist: Richard Isanove
Letterer: VC’S Cory Petit
Release Date: 10/26/16
Price: $3.99


Gamora is on the hunt for Thanos and the Guardians are close to reaching their limits! Can they handle outsiders pushing them even more? Will they be okay as a team after this? There’s lots of questions looking for answers in this Civil War II Tie-In!!


After finding out Thanos is also on Earth, Gamora will let nothing stop her from finding her Father. That includes taking on S.H.I.E.L.D agents and even Captain Marvel herself. Carol has been hiding secrets from everyone but this was one she should’ve thought through.


The Guardians of the Galaxy have given a lot to Carol in this fight and yet again Carol has let them down. Especially when Gamora and the other Guardians learn that Peter also knew of Thanos on Earth and helped Carol get him there. Peter and Carol thought they were doing something for the best wishes of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Yet, the Guardians are now falling apart at the seams even more so than before. Groot, Rocket and Drax going with Gamora, Peter and Carol are now alone.


Bendis gives readers yet another heart-wrenching story. While it  was quick and mostly jam packed with action, it still manages to be emotional and resonate with readers. The Guardians have fallen apart – not at the ends of some mega villain but at the ends of those they care about most. Watching Gamora fight Carol, desperate for answers and for respect, there is pain evident.


While the issue was primarily in Gamora’s fight, simply a glimpse into the other Guardians, the statement is true for them all. The Guardians love Carol and Peter, they would die for them both. Yet, the respect they are craving, the lies they are hearing, it’s no wonder they are falling apart. Next issue seems to focus on Thanos, but I’m hoping there will be focus on Gamora, Groot, Drax and Rocket as well.


Valerio Schiti creates beautiful fighting sequences in this issue. Schiti mirrors the pain of the dialogue into the expressions he creates on all the team members in this issue. Gamora’s eyes are always full of anger and Carol’s with a yearning for understanding. Even the brief panel showcasing the realization the Guardians have at the end gives each member a pain in their eyes. This is all highlighted by colorist’s Richard Isanove and his work with the fighting sequences. Instead of making each fight look plain and boring, Isanove puts in flashing colors that make the fights vibrant with emotion.


There is not a single fight panel with a plain background. They are all pulsating with color to match the emotion pulsating through each character. The pair takes Bendis’ incredible writing and pushes it to new heights.


Overall, this Guardians of the Galaxy Civil War II tie-in is more than that. It is a issue that explores these characters in an exciting new way. As a result, Bendis’ writing of these characters creates a marvelous, fast and jam packed issue. All things considered, it will be interesting to see where the Guardians go next on their journey as a team. Not to mention, where Carol goes on this isolating journey that has been Civil War II.

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