REVIEW: Infamous Iron Man #1 – “The Rise Of Doom”

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Writer : Brian Michael Bendis 

Penciler : Alex Maleev

Colorist : Matt Hollingsworth

Letterer : VC’s Clayton Cowles

Release Date: 10/19/16

Price : $3.99


Before I really get into this review of Infamous Iron Man #1 I’m going to give a SPOILER WARNING!!! Anyone who does not want Future events of Civil War 2 spoiled continue reading this review at your own risk. One last time just so we’re clear, SPOILER ALERT FOR FUTURE EVENTS IN CIVIL WAR 2!!! 


Victor Von Doom is one of most powerful people in the Marvel universe. His mastery of science, technology, and magic have made him a force to be reckoned with over the years. After the events of Secret Wars  Victor has a conversation with his former nemesis Reed Richards. Before Reed leaves with his family to help recreate and explore the multiverse he tells Victor that he will fix his face to give him a second chance to be the good man that Reed sees he has the potential to be. How does the infamous Dr. Doom choose to atone for his past sins? Why by becoming a hero of course, but not just any hero. Victor Von Doom will become the new Iron Man.



The issue opens up with a meeting of The Cabal. The Hood begins to question Dr. Doom about some of his past exploits and what motivates him. It’s clearly shown that this line of questioning strikes a nerve with Doom so he proceeds to banish The Hood from the meeting. At first glance this may not seem important. It’s just a classic show of force to demonstrate just how powerful Doom is right? Look again, this is actually Bendis planting the seeds for Victor’s character arc right out of the gate.


Throughout his time in the comics Dr. Doom has struggled with his purpose. At first Doom’s goal is to take control of his native country of Latveria from an oppressive regime while also seeking vengeance against Reed Richards, the man whom he believed was responsible for the accident that destroyed the machine he created to try and save his mother’s, soul and also ruined his face. Even after getting everything he’s ever wanted and literally becoming God Victor still feels empty. Fast forward to present time thanks to Reed Richards Victor has a new face and a second chance at life, so he tries his hand at being a hero. The first attempt we get to see is Victor saving Maria Hill from the d list Fantastic Four villain Diablo. Bendis’s writing really shines. Yes Victor is saving Maria Hill but that doesn’t mean his personality has changed at all. He handles Diablo with the same elegance and power that has made both heroes and villains alike fear the name Doom.


Afterwards Victor visits Dr. Amara Perera, Tony Stark’s former love interest to see how she is reacting to the news of Tony’s death. He also came to thank her for her advice and to tell her that he  plans on putting that advice to good use. As soon as Victor disappears Amara is approached by a hero that knows all too well what Doom is capable of, and this hero believes that even if a leopard can fix its face it still can’t change its spots. Once again Bendis throws another awesome nod to Doom’s roots in this issue while also giving us some awesome set up for issue two. Someone better check the clock because I think it’s clobber’in time!!!


Lastly Victor stops by Tony’s lab where he comes face to face with a hologram A.I. based on Tony’s consciousness. Victor explains to Tony that after thinking it over he may have finally found a way to begin to atone for the numerous things he’s done over the years. Naturally AI Tony isn’t exactly on board with Dr. Doom taking up his mantle, and in true Doom fashion he tells AI Tony that he wasn’t asking for permission and he just suits up and flies off with the armor. Meanwhile we see that someone very important from Victor’s past is watching him. Man what a way to end a first issue. Victor Von Doom becomes Iron Man in a way that only Victor Von Doom can, and two possible threats from his past are waiting in the wings.



To say that Bendis and Maleev are a dynamic duo would be an understatement. These two have proven with countless runs that they know how to play  to each other’s strengths, and this first issue is no exception. Personally I didn’t feel like Maleev’s art fit International Iron Man but it fits Victor Von Doom’s Iron Man like a custom metal glove. I love the distinct contrast Maleev gives past Dr. Doom vs his current day look. You can clearly see a difference, but even with that you can still see some of the old Doom in his eyes. The darker feel to the art perfectly matches the tone that the creative team is trying to establish for this series. I also want to give a special shout out to the colorist Matt Hollingsworth. The use of shadows was excellent. It really helped to create a larger than life intimidating presence for some characters. Job well done all around.



In case it wasn’t obvious I loved this issue. Dr. Doom is my all time favorite Marvel villain so I was excited for this to begin with, and I’m happy to say that this first issue met my expectations I’m a massive Dr. Doom fan so I really appreciate all the nods to his history.  Bendis really has Doom’s voice down pact. It really feels like Bendis and Maleev are really taking Victor Von Doom to the next level and I’m excited to be on this ride. If you’re a Dr. Doom fan I highly recommend that you guys go pick up Infamous Iron Man #1.

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