The Marvel Reporters’ Commentary on The January 2016 Marvel Solicits

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On a monthly basis The Marvel Report will be commentating on the new Marvel solicits. This month the Marvel Reporters will be discussing Marvel’s January solicits. Read the full solicits here on Comic Frontline.

Commentators: Kat, Jay, Tatiana, Blaise, Christian, Jessica

Editor: Kat


Monsters Unleashed #1

Jay – Not sure about the main mini-series Monsters Unleashed!, but do we need the point MU books? I don’t know why every event and sub-event needs these endless tie-ins.

Tatiana – Cullen Bunn is one of my favorite Marvel writers at the moment, so I would check this out without knowing the first thing about them. Regardless, it’ll certainly be fun to see the Avengers team up with the fledgling Champions. Hoping for some friction and fun barbs amidst all the monster fights.

Jessica – Not a huge fan of big team ups but kinda curious to see where Cullen Bunn takes this as I enjoy his writing a lot. Definitely one of my current fav writers for Marvel.


Spider-Man/Deadpool #1. MU

Jay – (Same thoughts as Monsters Unleashed)

Tatiana – I’ve been enjoying Deadpool a great deal this year – considering I never read his stories before and I’ve heard that his interactions with Spider Man are legendary. So naturally I’m curious to see what this story will be like, and the cover is already selling me on it.

Jessica – One of the best Marvel relationships! Always enjoy when they work together and am really looking forward to read this and see them play off each other.


Avengers #1. MU

Kat – I didn’t expect some of the regular titles to tie into Monsters Unleashed, but still not very interested in this event.

Jay – (Same thoughts as Monsters Unleashed)


The Mighty Captain Marvel #1

Kat- After the events of Civil War 2 I’m glad that Captain Marvel is going in a new direct. I’m also very excited to see Ramon Rosanas on this title because I really enjoyed his work on Astonishing Ant Man.

Jay – The writer on this book has me sold on it more than anything else. Something I do find interesting though both last month with The Mighty Captain Marvel #0 and now with The Mighty Captain Marvel #1, Marvel chose to make this the one title in their solicitations that is not in all caps.

Tatiana – I’m hoping to get away from the Civil War II Carol Danvers we’ve been seeing this year, so I’n onboard if this series will do that for me. Plus I’m a fan of Ramon Rosanas and Margaret Stohl’s past work.

Jessica – Have been waiting for a new solo series for Carol for a while now. Also Margaret Stohl is a fantastic writer and I’m excited to see where she takes Carol on this journey. Probably the comic I’m most looking forward to at this time!


US Avengers #1

Jay – This title seems to have been pushed back a month so I will repeat what I said last month:This team has some of my favorite characters in it, but it just feels off. Why isn’t U.S. Agent or Patriot on this team? Why is Squirrel Girl on this team? I don’t think it will last that long.


US Avengers #2

Jay – Zero Day? The day Captain America died! I think this will be how they bring in Dani Cage, the future Captain America.


The Mighty Thor #15

Jay – As much as I love Jane as Thor, I am kind of over this War of the Realms thing. This feels like its been going on for years now since she lifted the hammer, I want to see more of Jane as Thor and other characters not the same ones. Have her interact with people on Earth and not Roxxon.

Kat – I agree with Jay I want to see more of Jane on earth, that’s where her character works the best. We need to focus more on that duel identity.


Spider-Man #12

Kat- I’m actually very excited for the Miles and Gwen pairing! As spider heroes they have a lot in common, but do they have things in common as just Miles and Gwen. We’ve haven’t really seen Spider-Gwen in a serious relationship. So it should be fun to see how these two deal with an extremely long distant relationship!

Jay – This has so much potential, but the dimensional hopping I can see being a huge problem, I mean long distance relationships rarely work out let alone cross-dimensional ones. I would be interested to see what Peter thinks about this pairing? Or what would Miles thinks when he sees the clone Gwen in Clone Conspiracy? Lots of potential here!

Tatiana – I have to know what’s going to go down between Miles and Gwen. Is the kiss some kind of fake out, or is an inter-universe universe romance possible? Either way, sign me up!

Christian – The Miles and Gwen pairing is something I honestly didn’t expect but I’m all for it!

Jessica – I am so on board for these two! Tell me about the kiss! Give me all the interactions between spiders forever and ever!!


Spider-Gwen #16

Kat- (Same thoughts as Spider-Man #12)

Jay – (Same thoughts as Spider-Man #12)

Tatiana – Since this is the companion to Spider-Man #12, it would be a sacrilege not to grab it in order to complete the story. Not to mention that I am always ready to read about Gwen Stacy’s latest exploits.

Jessica – (Same thoughts as Spider-Man #12)


The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #16

Tatiana – I had no idea it was Squirrel Girl’s 25th anniversary, but the idea of bringing back her co-creator is nothing short of genius. Everyone should pick up this one-shot just to see some history in the making! But also because this series is always stellar.

Jessica – So excited for a 25th Anniversary comic!! Bringing the co-creator back is such a nice callback to Doreen’s history. I hope everyone picks this up cause a) it’s fantastic and b) it’s a historic issue! I love when Marvel pays homage to anniversarys so I’m glad this exists!


Daredevil #15

Blaise – Soule has been doing phenomenal work with this book and I am thrilled to keep following along. This new story seems like a fun arc that will have lots of cool smaller scale assassins show up as well as the opportunity to incorporate big players.

Christian – I haven’t been following along on Daredevil but it looks like The Seventh Day storyline might get me to pick this title up.


Moon Knight #10

Blaise – Moon Knight was a character I had always thought seemed cool, but I didn’t actually get around to reading anything until this latest run with Lemire and Smallwood. It instantly became one of my favorites because of how creative the writing and artwork were. The book is crazy, cool and unique to the point where I can’t wait to get more and see how deep the story will travel.

Christian – Marc Spector’s past will finally be revealed! I have no doubt it will be just as twisted as his present.


The Totally Awesome Hulk #15

Kat – I dropped this series for awhile but I might pick it up for this team up.

Christian – Amadeus Cho teaming up with other Asian American heroes is something I’ve wanted for quite sometime. How Amadeus is viewed by society is interesting, but how he interacts with his peers who also happen to be Asian Americans should prove to be even more interesting. I can see him maturing after this encounter.


The Unstoppable Wasp #1

Kat – I enjoyed this character in All-New, All-Different Avengers, and I’m glad to see her story expanding into her own title. I hope Janet plays a major part in this title also.

Jay – I am interested in this next gen character, but I am still weary about them shoehorning her in, even though her story was the best part of All-New, All-Different Avengers.

Jessica – Wasp is a character I know little about so I’m excited to try this out.


IVX #2

Jay – So the X-Men attack the Inhumans and take over Attilan but the young inexperienced Inhumans will over power the highly trained X-Men? This event is not just 3 years too late it is also poorly conceived. And do not get me started on the “Romeo & Juliet” type story in All-New X-Men with Bobby. He went from being the Romeo to being the “Juliet” why? (These thoughts apply to IVX, Uncanny X-Men, Extraordinary X-Men, Uncanny Inhumans, and All New X-Men.)

Blaise – Inhumans vs. X-Men is a story that I am extremely intrigued by. I’m ready to see the X-Men rise up and become relevant once again as well as how the conflict with the Inhumans will turn out. This book looks like it’s going to be a ton of fun and with both Soule and Lemire handling the writing, I think it should be an amazing event.

Christian – So how many times is New Attilan gonna be invaded? This seems to keep happeneing since the introduction of the Inhumans.


All New X-Men #17

Jay – (Same thoughts as IVX)

Blaise – I’ve really been enjoying the young X-Men and the love story between Romeo and Iceman has been very well-done so far, leading in to the confrontation between the X-Men and Inhumans. It seems like a fun concept and some nice conflict for younger characters to experience.


The Clone Conspiracy #4

Kat – Just from the cover it looks like this will be a very emotional issue between the Lizard and Spider-Man.

Jay – The Clone Conspiracy is upon us. The controversy of Silk’s new temporary alias, and everyone dead coming back. But the one that has me most interested is the Gwen story in Amazing and why is she working with Jackal? (These thoughts apply to The Clone Conspiracy, Prowler, Silk, and The Amazing Spider-Man #23)


Silk #16

Kat – I’m not a big fan of the costume change, but I am looking forward to seeing Cindy and J Jonah’s dynamic in this Clone Conspiracy tie-in.

Jay – (Same thoughts as Clone Conspiracy)


The Amazing Spider-Man #23

Kat – I’m very excited to see Gwen Stacy’s story for Clone Conspiracy because I really enjoyed her back up in Clone Conspiracy #1.

Jay – (Same thoughts as Clone Conspiracy)


Deadpool The Duck #1 & 2

Jay – Really? Really? Do we need this? This is Marvel REALLY milking that Deadpool movie cow and getting nothing but dust.


Avengers #3

Jay – I am looking forward to both of these. I’m not a huge fan of the point issues, but I love the classic Avengers, so this one has me excited. Just like last month Kang War! I can not wait for this I hope they play off the connection between Iron Lad, Kang, and Vision. (These thoughts also apply to Avengers #3.1)


The Unworthy Thor #3

Jay – I can not wait to see this I have been lovng Jane as Thor, but I want Odison back A.S.A.P. alongside her.


Occupy Avengers #3

Jay – I love Red Wolf, the series was great in Secret Wars and post. I can’t wait to see what Haweye and Red Wolf’s chemistry will be!


Infamous Iron Man #4

Kat – Glad to see this title go to its Fantastic Four routes with the guest appearance of Ben Grimm.

Jay – (Same thoughts as Invincible Iron Man)


Invincible Iron Man #3

Jay – Why? Marvel made it a point with All-New, All-Different to proclaim they were making Iron Man their flagship character now over Spider-Man due to Tony in the movies, so a year later he is gone and replaced by two others. Yeah that’s a Flagship. I just don’t see why Riri has to be the lead in Invincible, she isn’t using the name Iron Man she is going by Ironheart, so have her be Tony’s prodigy then launch her own title, and please do not make every issue over her ethnicity or gender.


Champions #4

Jay – I LOVED the first issue and I can not wait for more of it! This is what I love the next-gen members rising up to form their own team and striking out on their own!


Captain America: Steve Rogers #9

Kat- I usually don’t pick up Steve Rogers, but I might pick up this issue to learn more about the All-New Quasar.


The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #3

Kat – Happy to see Annie Parker shining in this issue.

Jay – I need to be sold on this book and hopefully the first issue will do that for me.


Venom #3

Jay – I can not wait to see the return of the Venom we all know, and I am curious as to who the new host will be!


Ms. Marvel #14

Kat – This looks like a very good Kamala issue, and I’m always a sucker for secret identity stories. I was surprised not to see Ms Marvel on last month’s solicits, but happy to see it back now.

Jay – She’s back! Kamala was missing from last month’s solicitations. I’m so excited to see her back!


Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #15

Jay –  Just the cover to this issue has endeared Riri to me more than her few cameos in Iron Man and all the hype around her. I am looking forward to her here, more than in Invincible Iron Man.


Mosaic #4

Jay – I was hoping Spidey would be the way to stop Mosaic since he has experience having his body possessed with Doc Ock and all.


Scarlet Witch #14

Jessica – My favorite series Marvel has currently. I look forward to every issue and count down the days. Alternate dimensions? Sign me up. The faster I learn more about Wanda’s fascinating history the better.


Hulk #2

Kat – Still very excited to read this title, and see how Jen deals with the anger of the hulk. I also have to add how much I’m loving this cover!

Jay – Second month in a row this book is my most anticipated! Just the covers alone have me itching to read it, let alone the solicitation which piques my curiosities to no end.


Jessica Jones #4

Kat – Looks like we will be learning more about the mystery of Jessica’s family drama introduced in the first issue.

Jay – After the first issue I was not impressed. The book was a big step backwards for Jessica Jones development, and tried working in the show’s feel back into the book felt so disjointed. Jessica and Luke are broken up? Jessica kidnapped her baby? The only interesting thing was that the Ultimate Universe merging with the 616 may have some payoff.


Power Man and Iron Fist #12

Blaise – I absolutely love this book and as long as David F. Walker is writing it, I will continue to read. Power Man & Iron Fist has a great setting and the character’s personalities are written perfectly. The street level story is fun, especially when these two characters are together.


Nova #2

Jay – I am interested in what their relationship will be. How will these two characters interact, and how will the bigger Marvel U see them?

Blaise – Richard. Rider.


Thunderbolts #9

Jay – I can not wait to see Songbird return!


Hawkeye #2

Kat – One of my most anticipated Marvel titles!

Blaise – Kate Bishop is a great character with a great personality. I’m just excited to have her in the L.A. setting and on her own because it’s fun to watch her grow and work through the problems she faces when being a hero.


All New Wolverine #16

Kat – After reading the first issue of Enemy of the State 2, I can’t wait to read more of Laura’s downward spiral.

Jay – OH YEAH! Man look at that cover and my mind just boggles! Tom Taylor is a genius. I am beyond hyped for this!

Blaise – I didn’t know much about Laura’s character until I started to check out the newer X-Men books and her All-New Wolverine story, but I love it! She is a really fun character that I want to know more about and I love watching her try to live up to the status that Logan set under the title of “Wolverine.”


Max Ride Final Flight #5

Jay – One of the most under the radar books from Marvel, so glad they finished the trilogy and I hope the Flock appear outside of this book and into the greater Marvel U.


Enchanted Tiki Room #4

Jay – I love the Disney Kingdom books, they allow you to expand upon the magic of Disney World, and the first issue of this hit me with a lot of fun and nostalgia. I can not wait to see the rest of it!

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