Avengers Academy Gets Strange: Doctor Strange Event

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Those Hand Ninjas and Demons ruin everything don’t they?

With the movie already blowing up theaters nationwide, and soon to be world-wide, it makes perfect sense for Doctor Strange to join the Avengers Academy family. After the events from the Hell’s Kitchen and Halloween event and Mephisto breaking through dimensions it seems Kaecilius and his crew of Zealots decided to go for it. Thankfully you won’t have to wait long to unlock the Sorcerer Supreme himself because he is the first character unlockable for this event.

Oh no he’s a hipster!!!

Thanks to the Hand Ninja’s opening up a rift, and Tony making no progress in fixing it, Director Fury calls in the big guns with Strange and his crew of mystical arts practitioners, Only problem is Kaecilius has captured them all. So it’s up to you to gather the resources needed to create/summon Mystic Beings to fight the Zealots and Spell Books to fight off the Eldritch Portals so you can free and recruit the sorcerers needed to take down Kaecilius and seal the rift.

And yet you’re trying to destroy him?

As of Episode 1 both Doctor Stephen Strange and Nico Minoru are available to recruit to the team.

I guess everything is in the Academy’s back yard now…

Up first we have the Sorcerer Supreme himself and to recruit him you will need 4 Relics, 4 Illuminati Cards, 16 Beard Trimmers, and 5993 Mystic Artifacts. He’s super sarcastic and it really irks Tony and Loki in the best way possible.

Please disregard Spider-Ham and Vision phasing through each other.

Nico on the other hand is our first of 2 premium characters for this event and she can be recruited for 395 Infinity Shards.

So a hipster and a goth walk into the school…

As per usual we also get event inspired costumes for some of the regular characters in the game and because of the rivalry brewing between Stephen and Tony, Tony has to prove that technology is so much better than magic. So Tony now is able to get his Tech Wizard outfit. And yes it’s a stereotypical wizard outfit. To unlock it you will need 7 Wizard Hats, 40 Fake Beards, 4 Fantasy Novels, and 4,927 Arcane Artifacts.

He’s just using this as an excuse to have a beard

And to help along the way, Tony calls in his trusty steed, Tony Stallion AKA The Iron Unicorn!

*cue Wasp squeeing and flailing around*

And really that’s all for right now, the event has been going since Friday so check it out! And be sure to stay tuned here for any updates! Or continue down below to see some screencaps of Doctor Strange being the sassiest person in the entire game:

He’s so sassy.


Correction: He’s so SNARKY 😉


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