Avengers Academy: Doctor Strange Event Episode 2/3/4

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My apologies for how late this is and as such I will be combining all 3 previous updates for the Doctor Strange Event into this update.

Episode 2:

The second episode officially started on November 13th and ended on the 16th. In this episode, you are able to recruit Mordo as well as receive 2 costumes for other characters. The 2 costumes are for Black Widow and Doctor Strange.

To unlock Mordo you will need 4 Vials of Ichor (from the Bound Mindless One), 4 Tombstones (from defeating Dweller-in-Darkness), 32 Chalk (from defeating Zealots and Eldritch Portals), and 6095 Arcane Artifacts. As with the previous episode(which I forgot to mention), there is also a challenge to unlock an Elemental costume for him. Doctor Strange has a Water Elemental costume while Mordo gets an Earth Elemental costume. Sadly the costume is no longer available as it needed to be unlocked by the end of episode 2.

For Black Widow you would unlock Cthulu Black Widow which is a silly fusion between her and the creature from Lovecraftian lore created by author H.P. Lovecraft. To unlock her you will need 6 Dead Stars (Defeat Eldritch Portals L6), 40 Floaties (Special Event Missions), 4 Tentacles (Collect from the Cthulhu Temple), and 5009 Arcane Artifacts.

And the second costume for the episode is the second one for Doctor Strange. Just as we thought he couldn’t get any more hipster-y, he did with his Steampunk outfit. This outfit doubles his attack and health as well as drops power attacks if you have the Mystic Water Shrine. You can unlock this outfit through the Supreme Sorcerer crate for 95 Infinity shards a crate.

All three of these things are instrumental for fighting this episode’s boss, the Dweller-in-Darkness. He has two guards with him and you need to take them down with your Supreme Beings and Spellbooks before you can even go after him with your heroes.

Each time you defeat him you will be awarded with Vishanti symbols which will help you climb the new leaderboards and possibly try for Immortal Sorcerer Loki. The benefit to his costume is that he will be usable in all future boss fights.

Episode 3:

In this episode, which ran from November 18th until the 23rd, you’ll have the chance to unlock Doctor Voodoo, The Ancient One as well as a costume for The Enchantress. Also, you will have the chance to fight Kaecilius.

Doctor Voodoo can be unlocked by obtaining 4 Sacred Rattles (from Doctor Voodoo’s Cat), 5 Psychology Degrees (from defeating Kaecilius), 13 Voodoo Dolls (from defeating Eldritch Portals), and 6201 Arcane Artifacts. He too did come with an Elemental costume with the Air element as his element. Sadly it is no longer attainable.

 The Ancient One is now able to be freed but she is locked behind the premium wall. For 595 Infinity Shards, she will aid you in the fight. Yes, this is the one based off the movie.
Then we get a new outfit for The Enchantress with her Supreme outfit. This can be unlocked with 12 Poison Apples (from defeating Eldritch Portals), 40 Ravens (Special Event Missions), 4 Emerald Feathers (from Enchantress’ Crystal Ball), and 5217 Arcane Artifacts. Once you unlock it Immortal Sorcerer Loki will still not be impressed.
And the final thing for this episode is the chance to punch Kaecilius in the face. He also has a set of guards before you get to beat him. But he isn’t the final boss of this event.
Episode 4:
The final episode is going on right as I write this. It started back on November 23rd and runs until December 1st. This time though you only get one character, and it is our favorite librarian Wong! The final boss for this is, you probably guessed it, Dormammu. Sadly no bargains will be made with him this time.
Wong can be unlocked by getting 8 Library Cards (from Tomes of Kamar-Taj), 3 Quarterstaffs (from defeating Dormammu), 4 Flashlights (from Dark Dimension Essence), and 6284 Arcane Artifacts (Special Event Missions). He is the last one to get an Elemental costume and his element is Fire. To unlock it you need to get 42 Headphones (from defeating Dormammu), and 47,427 Arcane Artifacts (from the event Mission Board)  So if Strange is Water, Mordo is Earth, Voodoo is Air, and Wong is Fire then who can master all four elements to save the world from Dormammu?
Speaking of which he also has minions to fight so you need to take them down before taking Dormammu down. After fighting Dormammu a few times, Strange now has the power to seal the portals made by the previous events and seal Dormammu in with him. Nick Fury doesn’t want to because like every other final villain of each event, he wants to seal him away and make him an Academy decoration. He’d be the second character on campus with his head on fire as well so there’s that.
Final Thoughts
That does it for this event, and once again I apologize for the lateness of this piece and for the lack of pictures. But let me know what you think about this event? For me, it definitely was the most sarcastic and snarky one yet. Any thoughts on what you’d like to see in the next event? Comment down below with your thoughts and questions.
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