Deadpool 2 Finds Director In David Leitch

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Deadpool 2 has a new director, and he’s very right for the role.  Yesterday TheWrap announced that the Merc with a mouth had found a new director in David Leitch, whose credits include an impressive stunt career as well as co-directing John Wick.  Mr. Leitch has left John Wick: Chapter 2 to helm the upcoming “The Coldest City” with Charlize Theron.  With a resume like that, it would appear that he is poised to understand a film with style like Deadpool without making it into a typical superhero blockbuster.

That debate was at the heart of Tim Miller leaving the film, according to the wrap.  Miller and Reynolds clashed over the tone of the film.  In initial sequel talks, Reynolds and the screenwriters had envisioned, “A “scrappy” raunchy and inexpensive movie in the same vein as the first film.  Miller, known for his visual style rather then the gimmicks that made deadpool such a blockbuster smash with fans and critics wanted, “A more stylish take, something that would compete with the mega-budget superhero movies.” according to insiders. Miller’s creative vision would have cost three times as much as the original 58 million dollar budget.

According to Box Office mojo, Deadpool grossed over 363 million – unequivocally proving that Reynolds and the writers not only know their audience but also how to add what some might call diversity in an overcrowded genre. With the promise of Cable, a deadpool love interest as well as the popular fan character Domino, Deadpool 2 is poised to be a smashing success and it would appear that David Leitch’s distinct is a match for the merc with a mouth.

Do you agree? Disagree? Think that they should have gone with a different director? Defend your choice in the comments below true believers and weigh them against the original John Wick trailer co-directed by David Leitch below.

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