Elektra Will Return For The Defenders

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The cast of the Defenders is growing, and while it seems par for the course that everyone will be in it – Entertainment Weekly confirmed today that Elodie Yung will join the Defenders as Elektra, former lover of Matt Murdock and key player in Daredevil season 2.


Daredevil fans might recall that Elektra’s fate remains uncertain after the end of season 2. The actions of our team of protagonists put them into direct conflict with the hand, Matt’s primary antagonists.  After learning that she’s a supposed chosen weapon, a “Black Sky” whose coming is designed to bring about a change to our reality as we know it she chose to fight against the Hand and sacrifice herself to save Daredevil.  Her body was taken by the Hand and placed in a coffin known to have regenerative capabilities.  This confirms her “return”, the question remains if she’ll return as friend or foe, supporting Matt Murdock or acting as an antagonist and living up to her supposed “Black Sky” heritage.

Fans of “The Hand” who are looking for more information about the mysterious syndicate should check out our interview with Peter Shinkoda who talked all things daredevil with The Marvel Report.  While his motives are still mysterious, perhaps it might shed some light on this very intriguing development.  Certainly this type of sorcery no longer seems so far fetched in a world where Doctor Strange has bridged the gap between our dimension and the dark dimensions.  Will that type of magic play a role in “The Defenders” and Elektra’s final fate? Only time will tell.


Elodie Yung joins Charlie Cox (Matt Murdock), Krysten Ritter (Jessica Jones), Mike Colter (Luke Cage), and Finn Jones (Daniel Rand) along with Jessica Henwick, also known as Colleen Wing, and the unbelievable trio of Rosario Dawson, Rachel Taylor, and Scott Glenn as Claire Temple, Trish Walker, and Stick respectively.  You can read more about their casting here.  They’re joined by Sigourney Weaver as the unnamed villain, putting together the beginnings of an unbelievably bombshell cast.

We’ll have to wait a bit to see it however, as fans can look forward to Iron Fist premiering on March 17th before the Defenders hits in 2018.  In the meantime, enjoy the Netflix teaser trailer.


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