Images Surface Leading to Marvel VS Capcom Sequel Rumors

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Fans of the popular fighting game franchise are excited after 3 images surfaced leading many to believe that Marvel VS Capcom 4 is coming. As it stands right now there is no official confirmation from Marvel, Capcom, or even Sony at this point since one of the leaked images has the PS4 Logo on it.

Thanks to Heroic Hollywood the images, themselves, look to be stills from a possible upcoming teaser trailer with images of all the characters from both companies as it eventually zooms out onto a number 4. What could this possibly mean? (Probably not a new Fantastic 4 game.) There were also earlier rumors stating that the game might be announced at Playstation Experience it would make sense to drum up hype right before as well, especially since Injustice 2 is already on the way from DC. We won’t know exactly if this was a really good fake or if it is the real deal until Playstation Experience this weekend.

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What do you guys think? Is this the real deal? Are you excited for this? Let me know down below or on our social media pages! Also be sure to stick around here for more news on this as well as everything else Marvel Gaming has to offer.

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