Inhumans Event Lands Labor Day Premiere Date

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Marvel, fresh from it’s comic announcements has made moves in the world of television, announcing it’s Marvel Inhumans IMAX premiere dates.  According to, they’ve set a date: Labor Day 2017.

Disney’s ABC-Television has announced that The Inhumans will premiere in IMAX for two weeks prior to the series being broadcast on ABC in September.   According to IMAX, this will be the first action film filmed entirely in IMAX making this a can’t miss event for fans of both Marvel and innovative film making.

Fans of the Inhumans will recall that it’s a story of a race of human beings descended from ancient humans who were experimented on by the Kree – as seen in Guardians of the Galaxy 2.  With the jump to the theaters for ABC Television, one wonders if there might be more as yet unknown Easter eggs to be found in the film that might hint as to this connection.  With Guardians coming out on May 5th 2017, it’s not entirely unlikely that Marvel may be working toward making their famous slogan, #ItsAllConnected more of a reality.

Labor Day is a perfect release date for an “event” like this. Falling in the deadzone of August to September traditionally occupied by artistic pictures and oscar contenders it’s very possible that Marvel could have an end of summer hit on their hands.  It’s very possible that given there’s nothing currently scheduled to be in theaters from a major industry Marvel might be looking to pull in big numbers – much like Doctor Strange did at the beginning of November  The Inhumans will run for 2 weeks prior to it’s premiere date on ABC television and affiliated programming.

What do you think True Believers? Excited? Intrigued? Ready to find out if “You’re Inhuman”? Keep it tuned to The Marvel Report for more information and sound off in the comments below about what you’d like to see!

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