The Inhumans Gets An Episode Count And Plot Details

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Yesterday’s announcement of The Inhumans came completely out of left field. Today added an episode count and a few plot details that are critical to fans of The Inhumans as well as Marvel’s Agents of Shield which introduced the X-Men like characters to the Cinematic Universe.

According to sources, the first two episodes of the Inhumans  will premiere in IMAX prior to being shown on ABC Network.  Inhumans will have an 8 count of episodes which puts it at the same run time as Agent Carter.   While the episode count is similar, CBM was careful to note that The Inhumans was not a spin off of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.  With that in mind we probably shouldn’t expect to see the show’s inhumans.  However given that characters like Daisy Johnson have tangled with some incredibly powerful inhumans from Jiaying to Hive, one hopes that the Inhumans writers would give Chloe Bennet a much needed cameo and a chance to cross over into the cinematic universe.

Plot wise, the show is said to focus on the inhuman royal family made up of Black Bolt, Medusa, Crystal, Karnak, and others.  While some might assume that this is a prequel of sorts (and if so would it include Jiaying given her immortality? Or Hive given his immortality?) sources have indicated that it will take place in modern day and that some of the action takes place on the moon.  It can be inferred that we’ll see the Attilan city (At last right?!) and hopefully the modern day take will mean that we’ll get to see interaction between the Agents of SHIELD and the Inhumans who are indirectly responsible for bringing Phil Coulson back to life.

Sources indicate that the series will be co-produced by IMAX making it a company first as well as promising incredible visuals and ground breaking special effects.

Excited for the Inhumans? Intrigued? Hoping for those cameos Agents of SHIELD fans? sound off in the comments below. Excelsior!

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