INTERVIEW: Peter Shinkoda of Marvel’s Daredevil

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This past Saturday, The Marvel Report got the chance to interview actor Peter Shinkoda, otherwise known as the villainous Nobu from Marvel’s Daredevil Seasons 1 & 2. Making an appearance to promote the amazing app, Shaka – Peter discussed the series, how he prepared for the extensive fight scenes, Asian American casting in Hollywood and more. Also catch the end of the piece for a special giveaway.

TMR: How are you doing Peter?

Peter Shinkoda: I’m good Clement, thanks for having me.

TMR: So, let’s get into it! As far as the whole MCU is concerned, I dug your performance as Nobu. What was your approach to the character?

PS: The second season, I had a lot more preparation. With the first season, I didn’t really know who my character was. Second season, I got a lot more material to work with. Essentially I think could easily walk into the role because i’m very familiar with the material because I had the whole Frank Miller run with all the Elektra introduction, The Hand from the 80’s — that was my Bible. That’s my approach, the source material – having known the characters since I was kid.

TMR: Cool, since you’re a fan of comics – who is your favorite character on the Marvel side and the DC side?

PS: I really liked Spider-Man of course, Daredevil would be my second favorite. On the DC world, it was Superman and tell to tell to the truth, I read a lot of Wonder Woman. Both my sisters are very into comics, they loved Daredevil but they also collected Wonder Woman comics. I’m looking forward to the Warner Brothers’ version of the movie.

TMR: So, SJ Clarkson will be directing the first two episodes of The Defenders. What do you think about that choice?

PS: Smart move, I really think people should be flipping the program here. Let’s give everyone a chance and let’s flesh out some really characters. In front of the camera and behind it, women are killing it!

TMR: Nobu was killed in the season finale of Daredevil Season 2. Is there a chance we might see him come back in Iron Fist or Defenders?

PS: To tell you the truth, I don’t know. Crossing my fingers, I love the job and I love the character. Honestly, I would love to see him developed a lot more. He’s really an intense, intimidating and brooding character. I would love to see his origin story. Marvel has all the time in the world, so perhaps they will take the time to re-investigate the character in the titles you mentioned.  The talent are the last people to know. But I know nothing but I keep my fingers crossed because would love to assume the role again.

TMR: As far as the whole fight scenes in Season 1 and Season 2; spectacular. Your fight scenes with Murdock (Charlie Cox) are amazing.

PS: Oh yeah, I was cringing because that was a long shoot – it’s usually an eight day shoot per episode and that fight scene took seven days to shoot. I was working right through the weekend, sixteen hour days because it was so long, so elaborate and so many different moves that I was sitting on the set by the third or fourth day, I’m like how many times have I lacerated this guy?

No one can get up from this kind of abuse. How many ratings restrictions are we breaking?  I was like this was brutal, I don’t think half this fight would get past the restrictions board. But then you can show anything you want because it’s streaming. But they went ahead with it. Turned out amazing, I can’t take any of the credit it really it is so many people that prepared the fights especially the stunt coordinating team. Led by Phil Silvera and Roberto Guitterez, they are geniuses and without those guys, the fights would not be what they are.


TMR: We at The Marvel Report are very inspired by diversity in comics, film – all forms of media. Do you think there can be a larger representation of Asian Americans in media?

PS: 100%. A lot of times you see them in SciFi and the stories that involve the future or anything that might take place in the city, but that’s it. But in genre films, perioid pieces, other live action movies, you don’t see asians. There a lot of forces in the industry that are preventing us from getting our due. When asians can’t play asians, that’s messed up.

When asian americans make up all the characters in a movie let’s say like 21, about Team MIT. It’s very un-american to change the race of the whole cast in an American movie about Americans. When Americans are changing the race of americans in an American movie, I don’t know what you call that, but it’s real big problem sir.

TMR: Speaking as a black man in Hollywood, I agree.

PS: But that’s why I love watching Luke Cage. Marvel made a perfect approach to that from behind the scenes to the cast. The writing is just incredible, watching so many colorful, fleshed out black characters all working in concert together in a very engaging story. It was amazing watching that. I was actually crying while watching, wishing this for asian americans. I just wish we could own our material, our destinies. I want to ground my community and forge some real strong pride for ourselves because I feel like we’re just pushed around on the streets and in the media.

TMR: I agree. So, have to tell you – you’re one of my fan picks for Namor, if they bring the character into the MCU.

PS: Really?! Thank you! Yeah, there’s a little campaign going for my friend Brian Tee, Ian Anthony Dale, I think Daniel Dae Kim also wants it. Those guys have some fierce eyebrows (laugh). Those guys could bring the attitude because Namor is a little arrogant. Who else is arrogant?

TMR: Doctor Strange, Iron Man. . .

PS: Iron Man is arrogant but Doctor Strange is beyond arrogrant.

TMR: Doctor Strange is out next Friday!

PS: I can’t wait to see what Benedict Cumberbatch does. Of course, I’m not hating on the Tilda Swinton casting. Whatever choices they made, Kevin Feige is a very smart guy. Especially in the features, they are making very smart moves. I’m sure she’s going to do a great job because I’ve never seen that woman drop the ball. She’s an amazing actress, so whatever she does it’s going to be great. I’m over the changing of the race because they changed Benedict Wong’s character to be a mentor to Strange, so it all worked out.

TMR: Well, that’s going to be all from us at The Marvel Report, Peter! Thanks so much for your time.

PS: Thank you, I appreciate all the support.

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Stay tuned to TMR for more Daredevil news!

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