Marvel Introduces New Secret Warriors Comics Team

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In the wake of the cancellation of the current run of Agents of Shield  comics (and hopeful subsequent revival) fans may be wondering where they can see perennial fan favorite Daisy Johnson.  She arrives none too soon with some other very popular favorites.  According to CBR, the Secret Warriors are assembling.

As a part of the conclusion to the ResurrXtion series we see the Inhuman Royal family heading off planet.  While sad (they have done it before) Secret Warriors covers the inhumans who chose to stay behind to work with humanity, and team alumni Daisy is joined by Karnak, former counselor to the family themselves.  The two of them assemble a collection of fan favorites Kamala Khan , Inferno, and Moon Girl with her companion Devil Dinosaur.   According to writer Matthew Rosenberg, this won’t be the only non human added to the book.

“Some more folks will be added to the fold as we go. Some are even fan favorites.  But we aren’t offering any clues just yet.  And no, they aren’t inhumans. For what this team has coming they’ll need all the help they can get, or rather all the help they can trust.”

According to Rosenberg “This is Quake’s Team, there is a bigger fight than they can fully be a part of or see. It’s Clandestine and full of intrigue, It’s high stakes behind the curtain who do you trust kind of stuff.” Truthfully that sounds exactly like the original secret warriors run which formed a lot of the back bone of Marvel’s Agents of Shield.  Rosenberg continued, “In terms of tone I think Johnathon Hickman’s would be beyond hard to replicate but there will be pieces of it.”

He went on to say that the original intent of the book wasn’t to revive the Secret Warriors title, that another option All-Winners Squad was banded around for a bit before the project took a turn towards the original series.

“What we have with our secret warriors is a book that’s sort of hard to define.  Wil Moss and Charles Beachem, my editors, and I actually kicked around quite a few titles for the series.  It’s really hard to name a series as it turns out.” Rosenberg said.  He went on to add a final word:

Some of the original Secret Warriors is definately in our DNA for sure, but we are forging our own path.  People will see similarities and differences, but there are elements of other titles thrown in like X-Men, The Runaways, The Avengers, Heroes for Hire, and the Defenders too.  But they are warriors and they are working in secret so that was the obvious choice.

With writing by Micheal Rosenberg and awesome visuals by Javier Garron, it’s easy to see the book becomes a must for any inhuman and Daisy Johnson fan’s pull list.  What do you think true believers? Are you excited by this? Sound off on your feelings in the comments below.

Secret Warriors is the third inhuman related title the publisher has announced in recent days following Black Bolt and Royals about the inhuman royal family.


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