REVIEW : Mosaic #2 – “Body Snatcher”

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Writer: Geoffrey Thorne

Penciler: Khary Randolph

Colorist: Emilio Lopez and Andres Mossa

Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino

Release Date: 11/9/16

Price: $3.99




Morris Sackett was one of the luckiest men in the world. He had everything you could want, fame, fortune, success, and a beautiful girlfriend. However all good things must come to an end, unfortunately for Morris this end also included being hit with terrigen mist. The mist transformed him and like many others it granted him unique abilities. Morris is now able to take over people’s bodies while still being able to retain their memories and skills. Now Morris is hurt and he has to do his best to use these new powers to get back to his dad and hopefully his old life, but is it too late?



This was definitely more an action focused issue. I got a mission impossible vibe. The first issue was more of a straight forward origin tale and now that Morris is starting to become more familiar with his newfound powers we get to him him stretch his legs more so to speak. First Morris leaves Beto’s body, luckily the EMT that he takes over is ex military with a particular set of skills that just might be able to help him break into his hospital room and get back to his body. Once again the most interesting part of the issue is whenever he body jumps. We get a really cool look at the impact heroes have on the people they save.  Morris jumps into Kenny who was saved by Cap back during Secret Invasion. This inspired him to join the military and protect people himself. That was such a fun call back to one of my favorite events. After exploring some of Kenny’s memories he devises a plan to kick, ass, take names, and get his body back taken style. Things don’t exactly work out and Morris has to learn his limits the hard way, but I have a feeling that jumping into someone like Kenny may have a bigger impact on his character in the future. All and all this was a good balance of action, plot progression, and character development.



The art is one of the biggest positives of this book. The lines are sharp and clean. All the character designs are pretty on point and the colors really make the panels pop. Also the inside perspective during his possession looks so cool. It’s something I haven’t seen before that is a treat to see. Plus I have a soft spot for Secret Invasion so the throwbacks to that event definitely made the issue for me. This was also the first time we got to see how Randolph handles action sequences, and boy does he handle them well. The scenes were extremely dynamic and well paced. If this is what the team has in store for us you can sign me up. Mosaic has potential to be one hell of a ride.



Once again Mosaic really has me intrigued. Morris has an interesting journey ahead. What I really like about it is that this doesn’t seem like the usual hero’s journey which is a breath of fresh air considering how many times we’ve seen the same type of origin formula used over and over again. Morris has a lot of room to grow and develop as a character and I’m really interested to see where Geoffrey Thorne takes him.


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