REVIEW: Patsy Walker, A.K.A Hellcat #12 – “Cat Fight!”

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Writer: Kate Leth
Penciler: Brittney L. Williams
Colorist: Rachelle Rosenberg
Letterer: VC’S Clayton Cowles
Release Date: 11/16/16
Price: $3.99


Patsy Walker, A.K.A Hellcat #12 has everything readers could want! Cat fight between Hellcat and Black Cat? Check! Jubilee becoming an adorable pink cloud? Check! A heartwarming look into Ian Soo’s history as a bisexual Inhuman? Check!


Ian undergoes some HEAVY character development! Readers learn of his backstory involving his ex Zoe who was extremely toxic to Ian – not supporting him and consistently putting him down. Ian’s anger channels itself in his power and he reveals his new superhero costume! On the other end is Black Cat the extravagant, fabulous and evil super villain. Black Cat may just be robbing a costume museum for now but she still wants to run Brooklyn. However, Hellcatt, Jubilee and Ian kick her darn butt!


Leth creates an incredibly moving issue with #12. By highlighting the toxic relationship and biphobia that Ian faced, Leth allows readers to connect on a whole new level. Hellcat never shies away from social drama and this time Leth is able to reach those who have been in a similar situation to Ian.


The flashbacks show the anger and frustration Ian goes through over and over again. Finally, Ian is able to grasp that he will fight with Patsy. It’s inspiring to see a character who was so against being a superhero finally realize their worth. Ian does not need to be a superhero but him taking his anger for the greater good of himself and others means a lot.


Williams once again kills it on the art front. She manages to have the art be both endearing yet harsh when it needs to be.


All of Ian’s facial expressions in the flashbacks are very moving. It is extremely easy to feel what is going on in his face thanks to Williams. The pain is felt, the anger is felt, even the readiness for changed is felt.


On the other hand is Rosenberg’s coloring which helps the dark content matter by being primarily dark colors. The battles are dark purples and the moments in Ian’s past are a bland somewhat dark brown.


The team behind Hellcat have outdone themselves with an inspiring issue. The beautiful plot by Leth paired up with the fantastic art/color by Williams and Rosenberg is why Hellcat continues to be one of the best. A series that primarily gets viewed as a fun comedic relief type of series, this issue shows it could be much more. Please pick up Hellcat #12! There will be no regret – it is a powerful issue you will connect to in one way or another.

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